'Revolution' Recap: Can Charlie Save Rachel from Randall?
'Revolution' Recap: Can Charlie Save Rachel from Randall?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week, Revolution returned with a jam-packed spring premiere that saw a Monroe-Randall team-up and the death of a major character. In tonight's twelfth episode, "Ghosts", Miles takes Nora on a mission to gain another ally and Charlie has to save Rachel from falling into Randall's hands. Will Charlie lose her mother all over again? Read on to find out.

Life Goes On

After holding a funeral for Danny and learning that no more helicopters have been spotted, the rebels decide to split up and continue the fight. Miles offers to help but says he wants his own men with him. The rebels know they need help, so they agree and Miles and Nora head out to find a former militia soldier named Jim Hudson.

Meanwhile, Charlie and the others travel to yet another rebel base and Charlie chooses to go on a raid despite Rachel's warnings against doing so while Charlie is still grieving for Danny. Things between Charlie and Rachel are tense, especially during Rachel's attempts to parent Charlie. Will the women find a way to help each other through their shared loss?

The Past is Never Far Behind

After a short journey, Nora and Miles find Jim Hudson living the small-town life and Jim makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with their fight. Jim tells Miles and Nora that he has a new life now and he does not want to go back to being the man he was. But Miles insists that men like them can never change and they will never be anything but killers.

Miles' words prove somewhat true when a militia kill-squad tracks Miles to Jim's town and Miles, Jim and Nora have to take on the militia soldiers. These soldiers are no match for Miles and co. but Jim's new life is shattered when his wife watches him kill in cold blood. Jim is furious with Miles for ruining his life for the second time but agrees to join in on the fight, since there is nothing else left for him.

This storyline gives us a new player on Team Charlie but it also gives viewers more insight into Miles' state of mind. Though we know that Miles is essential to the fight against Monroe, Miles is convinced that his past leads to nothing but pain and suffering for the people he loves. After losing Danny, will Miles' fear of bringing down more chaos on his loved-ones cause him to abandon them? Or will someone make him realize how much he is needed?

Randall Wants Rachel

Thanks to Randall, Monroe is not without power for long. Randall shows Monroe his pendant-tracker and says he can get Monroe everything he wants. Randall also says he thought long and hard before choosing to give power to Monroe and he picked Monroe over other leaders all across the country. Why did Randall choose Monroe? And what does Randall get out of this deal?

Randall tracks two of the pendants to the rebel base but Rachel destroys them before Randall arrives, preventing Monroe from gaining even more power. Randall is not pleased by the loss of the pendants but lets Rachel know that she is the real reason he came and he has no intention of leaving without her. But Charlie will not let her mother be taken and after putting up one heck of a fight, they get away safely.

Before she escapes Randall's custody, Randall tells Rachel that he does not plan to turn the power back on for everyone and is determined to leave it in the hands of a select few. Randall believes that giving just a few people power will make the world a better and safer place. Randall's choice of Monroe as one of the elite few makes more sense when you realize how deeply flawed Randall's logic is.

Randall Started the Blackout?

In flashbacks, we learn that Randall lost a son in the pre-blackout world and that loss propelled him into using the Mathesons' weapon to avenge his son's death. But in his rush to get justice for his son, Randall orders that the weapon be put to use before it is ready, despite Rachel and Ben's warnings that the weapon needs further testing. On the night of the blackout, Randall gives the order to use the weapon and is seemingly responsible for plunging the world into darkness.

The Heart of the Show

Once the group is reunited, Miles witnesses a sweet moment between Charlie and Rachel as Charlie finally lets her walls down enough to allow Rachel to comfort her. But the women are not alone in needing comfort and Nora picks just the right moment to reach out to Miles, who silently accepts her support. Though they are not as showy as explosions or sword-fights, these quiet moments between the characters are where this show shines and I hope we get more character beats like this throughout the rest of the season.

Answers are Coming

But if you thought the episode would end on such a somber note, you are mistaken. In the final scene, Aaron once again asks Rachel what is going on and Rachel agrees to tell him everything. She begins her explanation by mentioning The Tower but the show fades to black before we can learn more. Thankfully, it looks like we will finally get some much-needed answers in next week's episode.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Will Jim be an asset to Team Charlie or will his issues with Miles pose problems down the line? What will Rachel reveal about The Tower and the device she removed from Danny's body? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.
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