'Revenge': The Pros and Cons of Emily and Daniel's War
'Revenge': The Pros and Cons of Emily and Daniel's War
Rachelle Thomas
Rachelle Thomas
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Husband and wife duo Emily and Daniel are at war on the ABC hit show Revenge. It is not the best way to start off a marriage but it does make for good television.

Having Emily and Daniel at odds is a pretty good twist to the show. It has actually brought the revenge back to Revenge. Seriously, the show was getting so off track its original premises in season 2. Now that these two are in the midst of a heated war, the storyline possibilities are endless. However going the mean, hateful route with these two certainly has its pros and cons. Let's take a look. 


1. Daniel is finally getting a clue about his manipulative and deceitful wife. He has been played for so long. It is nice to see him get a grasp on reality. Loving and loyal Daniel is gone and in his place is a very angry and vengeful man. Good stuff! It will be great to see his darker side. The scene where he pushed Emily onto the bed brought out a whole new side to Danny boy. 

2. Vengeful Emily is back and she is taking no prisoners. Before her wedding to Daniel Emily was all set to move on from her revenge plan, after she framed Victoria of course. However once she learned that she could not have children due to her shooting injuries that changed. She is now out for blood. That was proven when called Sarah's mom to get her hubby's mistress out of her way. It was classic Emily and oh so good. 

3. Their fighting is very "War of The Roses." A nice throwback to those of us who grew up in the 80's. There will no doubt be even more hateful, evil antics going on with the newlyweds. There is a lot of anger on both sides and that will make for some intense drama, love it! Daniel having Emily walk in on him in bed with Sarah was a prime example of what is to come. Now that Sarah is out of the picture, Daniel is going to up his war game. 

4. Victoria is in protective mama bear mode heating up her ongoing feud with Emily. Since day one Ems and Victoria have been at odds. Now that her son is being targeted, Victoria will pull out all the stops to get rid of her daughter-in-law. She was so sure that was going to happen when she got Emily's infinity box but no such luck. It is a classic game of cat and mouse that has been ongoing since day one. 

5. Emily and Daniel have never been a really great couple. Perhaps it was because from the get go viewers knew her real agenda. Even with her best efforts to convince everyone of her love for him and his devotion to her, they have never been a couple to root for. It could very well be because they have no chemistry, so that makes it difficult to buy that they are in love. Seriously if they had more chemistry I may have been hoping for a legit pairing of these two but that is so not the case. They are much better as a fighting duo that a loving one. Even his first proposal before he had any clue what type of woman his wife was, did not impress. Sure it was beautiful but it was lacking that loving, happy couple, emotion. 


1. Although their hateful actions will be entertaining, there is a good chance it could become too much. If the fighting becomes too far-fetched or the actions against each become ridiculous it could ruin the whole storyline. Revenge seems to have gotten back to the core of what made season one such a success, here is hoping it stays that way. That success is simple, revenge it is after all the name of the show. 

2. Emily's focus will turn to getting revenge on Daniel as opposed to those who wronged her father. This is a great element to the whole Emily seeking revenge concept but not if it deters her from her original plan. Daniel was supposed to be a casualty of her plan not the main focus. The storyline should run its course not change the overall dynamic of Revenge. Although I will say the show is good at keeping storylines moving quickly to hold the viewers interest. 

3. The Emily/Daniel war will be one more thing for Victoria and Conrad to fight about. It is beginning to feel like Grayson matriarch and patriarch are always fighting. This season alone they have fought about Patrick, Lydia, Daniel, and Emily and that is usually just in one episode. Sure their nasty banter is entertaining at times, when she told him he had to kick Lydia to the curb for Daniel's was good TV but it is getting a little old. 

4. It has already hurt her relationship with Aidan. She dumped him, once again, and this time she may not get him back. He is a good match for Emily because he truly knows her. His proposal was what a proposal should be sincere, romantic and full of love. It may not have been a grand gesture but it had more meaning than Daniel's first proposal to Emily. She needs someone to accept her and all her baggage. Aiden does that plus he brings out the vulnerable side of Emily. She trusts him with everything especially her much protected heart. 

5. Daniel is no match for Emily. Even though Daniel had some bad boy ways in the past (drunk driving) he is not a legit bad boy. His actions like taking Grayson Global away from his father show he does have a little bit of his mother's evilness inside, he can't tango with Emily. She has been plotting her revenge for years. Every detail, every step has been calculated. She is ready for anything, Daniel is playing off his emotion and he will get burned. Again it will be entertaining to watch for awhile but it is already clear that Daniel is so out of his privileged boy element. 

Revenge airs Sundays at 10pm on ABC. 

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