'Revenge' Roundup: New Characters, Twisted Plots and That Murder
'Revenge' Roundup: New Characters, Twisted Plots and That Murder
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
While it is nearly impossible to predict exactly what will happen on Revenge, we can at least rely on news about the show. Whether it's the scheduling of an expected murder, the return of old foes or the appearance of new faces, we've got you covered. Keep reading for the latest on Revenge.

Back to the Beginning
Remember how, way back at the beginning of the Revenge pilot, we saw someone -- presumably Daniel Grayson -- shot to death on a beach? It looks like we're going to see more of that soon.

We will return to the beach murder in episode 15 -- most likely airing in early February. The episode will cover what series creator Mike Kelly has called Revenge's "inciting incident."

That's not to say that the identity of the killer (or killers?) and the victim are certain. On the contrary, it's not only Daniel who should be worried about his future. Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross) told E! Online that absolutely anyone could be the killer. "[The producers] will not tell us anything," he explained. "They basically just said any of you can be suspects."

No Silent Exits
Thus far on Revenge, Emily has been extremely efficient in her takedowns of those who wronged her father. A person shows up, does something or other in the Hamptons, gets destroyed by Emily and quietly disappears from view -- usually in a single episode.

That can't last.

We have already seen what resulted from Emily's plots against Frank (conveniently bludgeoned him before he could cause real damage) and Tyler (only recently carted off to the loony bin). But soon, more of Emily's targets might return. As Mike Kelly recently told TVLine, "A lot of these people aren't just going to rest on their laurels when they've been taken down."

Those disgraced and ruined by Emily are likely to want their own personal revenges. Will they target Emily? Or could someone else be in the crosshairs?

New Faces
With so much personal destruction, obviously Revenge needs a constant supply of flesh blood. This requirement will bring in a major guest star in addition to at least one new character.

William Devane, a former star of the classic prime-time soap, Knots Landing, will soon appear as Edward Grayson, the father of Conrad and the founder of the Grayson empire. Edward, however, is not terribly impressed by his son: "I think I'm a little bit closer to Victoria than I am to my son," Devane told TV Guide. "Edward's the guy who never went to school but founded a great company and turned it over to his son."

The motivating force in Edward Grayson's Hamptons arrival seems to be the impending Conrad-Victoria divorce. Or is it? William Devane is scheduled to make his first Revenge appearance on February 8, around the expected time of the beach murder.

Another new face on Revenge will be that of a criminal defense attorney. According to a report from E! Online, the lawyer will show up in episode 16 -- right after the beach murder. Will this be an attorney for whoever is accused of the crime? Or does this character have another purpose?

What do you think will happen with the murder? Is it Daniel on the beach? Who pulled the trigger and why? Leave your comments below!

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