'Revenge' Recap: Two Fiances are Better Than One
'Revenge' Recap: Two Fiances are Better Than One
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Three whole weeks since a new Revenge? Well, while you were gorging on turkey and Black Friday shopping, Emily Thorne was busy planning her wedding and the plot to fake her own death. And you thought your life was complicated.

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The Blushing Bride

Emily and Daniel have a photo shoot for Daniel's stupid magazine with a French name that he's still trying to make happen. He's obviously not into it, as things are still icy between Emily and Daniel. Emily really doesn't want to keep their "baby" news a secret anymore, but Daniel is stalling.

Of course he's stalling because he's still got the love eyes for Sarah. But she's sick of waiting for him to break it off with Emily, so she comes to his office and tells him to make a decision already because she won't wait around forever. But Daniel, unfortunately, will probably never live a life where he isn't being manipulated by every woman around him, so obviously he doesn't know what to do next until someone tells him.

Emily discusses her situation over at Revenge Headquarters with Nolan and Aiden. She's worried about losing Daniel to Sarah, but she can't afford to lose his trust if she leaks the story of her pregnancy to the press. She thinks she can convince Victoria without actually having to out-right tell her when they meet the next day for wedding planning.

It would also seem that Aiden is doing some scheming of his own -- surprise, surprise. Nolan gives him an envelope full of mysterious revenge to-dos and tells Nolan he also needs his advice. That Aiden is so terribly mysterious. 

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Guess Who's Back?

Emily and Victoria are trying to plan out the seating for the wedding in a glorious polite passive-aggressive manner as usual. Victoria complains that they have to find a place at the main table for Nolan, and when Emily denies a glass of champagne, instead of taking a hint about her "pregnancy," Victoria tells her that the wedding is only two days away and it's too late now for her to watch her figure.

Their meeting is interrupted by clothing being flung from the balcony above them. They go upstairs to see Lydia flinging all of Victoria's Chanels off the second story onto the terrace. Emily is shocked to see her alive, but Victoria, not so much. Apparently, she saved her from the same plane crash that was supposed to take her down, but she was supposed to stay in hiding. But whoops, she didn't.

Before Lydia leaves, she manages to warn Emily to stay out of her way with a vicious shove. Daniel rushes to her side on the floor and tells her they'll go to a doctor. Victoria rolls her eyes and says it's just a little push, but Daniel lets it slip that there's reason for concern because Emily's pregnant. And Victoria is obviously not buying it.

Get to the Source

It turns out that Margaux No Bra is holding Lydia up at the Twilight Suite at the good old South Fork Inn, the Hamptons's premiere spot for affair-having. But, obviously, Lydia is a bit bored with accommodations because she wasn't there for five minutes before she decided to go fling fashion off of Victoria's balcony.

Speaking of Margaux No Bra, she's busy putting the next issue together, so Jack comes to visit her at the office for some make-out and take-out. He spots Conrad's file on her desk and is concerned that she's still trying to expose Conrad even after he tried to have Nolan warn her against it.

So Jack does what any rational boyfriend would do and asks Nolan to keep track of what Margaux's writing by hacking into her computer. Nolan warns him that this is kind of sneaky-sneak boyfriend behavior, but Jack doesn't want to tell her the truth because he doesn't want Margaux to chase the story and make him a source.

After getting a call from TIME about a cover story, Conrad's excited to meet the journalist who will be conducting the interview at the South Fork Inn. But -- you guessed it -- it's no journalist, but Lydia, and in a smokin' hot red strapless number. She tries to trick him into saying something incriminating, but Conrad manages not to do that, which is especially shocking. Not only that, but she wards off Conrad's charming advances and tells him to hit the road.

Aiden makes a phone call to Margaux pretending to be a staff member from the South Fork to tell her that Lydia had a visitor. With that, Margaux terminates her working relationship with Lydia, and Lydia wastes no time heading to Conrad's so the two can rekindle their romance.

Memory Lane

Sarah tries to quit her job at the Stowaway, but Charlotte won't let her because she's still apparently anti-Emily for some reason. She finds Daniel jogging on his stress-trail, and that's when she realizes that she's stuck her bangs in places that they don't belong and now her dearest brother has been hurt by her meddling.

Later, Daniel and Emily go for a drive and they are accosted by paparazzi about their pregnancy. Emily pulls the whole "But we only told your mother" card, even though we know it's Emily who called the press because she told Team Revenge about her plan earlier.

Daniel finally gets some nerve and confronts his mother for trying to stop his wedding at every opportunity. He tells Victoria that he's marrying Emily, and he's happy to have the chance to raise a child in a loving home. It's nice to see Daniel sticking up for himself finally, but he literally could not be more wrong about everything, poor guy.

Charlotte feels bad for being a jerk for the last few weeks and arranges for Emily to get a mani-pedi the day before her wedding. Because nothing says "I'm sorry for trying to get your fiance to hook up with another girl" like a little nude nail polish.

Who even knows how long that manicure will last because the first place that Emily goes to afterwards is the gun range. She and Aiden are arranging the evidence that will set up Victoria for her murder. They have her gun and her bracelet, and Emily fires the gun to get gunshot residue on the bracelet and will slip it back into her closet before the wedding. Sneaky.

After they bang, Lydia helps herself to going through some of the boxes that Conrad has laying around that have pictures and keepsakes for his memoirs. And, of course, she stumbles upon the picture of Emily as a caterer at Grayson Manor in the early 2000s. 

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Another Engagement

So Daniel and Emily both spend the evening before their wedding in pretty non-traditional ways. Daniel breaks things off with Sarah, who painfully understands even though she still loves him. She gives him back the necklace he gave her and he releases it into the water like it's the freaking Heart of the Ocean.

And Aiden throws Emily a bachelorette party, and by bachelorette party I mean a revenge meditation with sake in front of a fire. And lots of candles and romantic lighting. And no shoes. And then an engagement of his own. That's right: Aiden proposes to Emily on the eve of her wedding. How romantic.

After they're done having engagement sex, Emily goes back to her place, where she promptly kicks out Daniel, because this is a couple that is really concerned with doing things the traditional way, and it's traditional for the bride and groom to spend the evening before their wedding apart. Daniel assures Emily that it's over between him and Sarah and that she's the only one he wants. Emily tells him the same and they both say that they're "all in" on this relationship. Poor Daniel. I'm saying "poor Daniel" even more often than usual nowadays.

And Victoria has an early wedding present for Emily: the RSVP to their celebration. She says that Nolan will have a place at the head table, because she won't be attending. Normally, this might seem like good news for Emily, but since she needs to frame Victoria for murder and everything, this might not be good for Emily's plan.

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