'Revenge' Recap: Tragedy Strikes with a Sacrifice
'Revenge' Recap: Tragedy Strikes with a Sacrifice
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Summer is winding down at the Hamptons, which can only mean one thing: death. In "Sacrifice," we find answers we've been seeking since the start of season 2: who goes down with The Amanda?

Emily Gets Clued In

It's nightfall and Jack and Amanda are in bed. We saw Nate on the boat at the end of the last episode, so they've got company. If he wants to take these two out, nightfall is the perfect time to do it. 

Except Jack and Amanda wake up on the boat the next morning. What? Where's Nate? He was up all night watching the newlyweds like some creepy perv? What a weirdo!

Nate makes himself known when Jack, noticing a cell phone and smokes hidden in the wound-up sail, makes his way down the stairs of the boat to see Amanda with a gun to her.

Meanwhile, Ashley pays a visit to Emily, cluing her in about Amanda blackmailing Conrad with stuff from a laptop, which ultimately killed the deal Conrad had with Nate. This allows Emily to put two and two together. A visit to Charlotte asking about Amanda's whereabouts leads Emily to notice creepy Nate peering up from The Amanda in Amanda and Jack's wedding photos. Seriously, his creepiness has gone through the roof now.

Emily turns to trusted pal Nolan, who fills her in on Nate's criminal past. It's easy to forget that Emily has no idea about what went on with the Ryan brothers and Jack -- not even knowing who they even are.

Now Emily and Nolan get a boat of their own and head out to sea.

Reeling Him In

For a guy who brings a gun with the intent -- I'm assuming -- of killing people, he sure takes his time. At Jack's insistence, he calls Conrad, who tells Nate that Amanda's got a laptop with information that could damage him. All he wants is that, and to be ensured Amanda won't come after him.

Amanda offers up the laptop ... just ... in her bag -- bam, gun! Except it's not loaded. Guess Nate isn't that stupid. He did spend the entire night on the boat, I guess he was a little busy. With her back against the wall, Amanda starts telling the truth -- about coming back to the Hamptons to avenge her father's death.

Meanwhile, Jack is listening to all of this as he pulls out Declan's laptop, which allows Emily and Nolan to see Jack looking into the laptop and get their coordinates out at sea. Then Jack emerges from downstairs and starts yelling at Amanda about the truth. Except he's kinda pretending because he tells Nate he saw the laptop downstairs, which is a ploy to get him down there as he and Amanda get the rescue boat ready!

A Shot Goes Off

If only it were that easy, even after they lure Nate into a smaller room and lock the door, trapping him. He just tries kicking the door open before trying to shoot his way out of there. And one of the bullets hits Jack! Jack's been shot!

Emily and Nolan are watching Nate since he had turned on the laptop again and can hear what's going on. Amanda, meanwhile, sends Jack off on his own to be rescued as she stays behind. She fights Nate without success, as he knocks her out.

When she comes to, it's nightfall. Nate's still around, presumably trying to look for Jack, and she starts flooding the boat.

Nolan and Emily have finally found Jack -- and it appears he has no exit wound. Emily makes Nolan leave with Jack to go to a hospital while she goes back for Amanda. She makes it on The Amanda just in time, as Amanda and Nate are fighting after the power goes out on the boat. Emily and Nate meet for the first time as they beat up one another. The exchange they have is priceless, as Nate asks, "Who the hell are you?" and Emily responds, "You'll never know."

Nate and Emily are fighting over the gun, which goes off and hits the gas. Amanda intervenes just in time -- by shooting Nate! Emily and Amanda can safely escape, except Amanda has to go back for her watch, which Emily gave her while they were in jail. 

Bad move because Nate hasn't decided. With an epic creepy look on his face, he lets his lighter go, blowing up the boat into flames.

Everything Changes

Emily's alive and fine, but Amanda is hurt. It's an incredibly sad scene for a character I didn't exactly care too much for. While Amanda was causing trouble for Emily, marrying her soulmate and everything, she went down with a fight. I liked Amanda in her final days, her final hours. But really, this had to happen. Emily promises Amanda she'll look after Jack and their baby before Emily lets go because, otherwise, she'll go down too.

Meanwhile, we see Jack in surgery. Nolan had made it. Will he survive? Probably. Can't leave the baby without both parents, although Charlotte and Declan were doing a pretty good job taking care of him with Amanda and Jack gone on their honeymoon.

The episode is Jack-Amanda heavy, but back at the Hamptons, Victoria succeeds in luring the Initiative into believing Amanda had made Helen disappear. Now I wonder how that'll turn out since Amanda's, you know, dead. And Conrad has also announced that he's running for governor. 

Revenge is on a break for a few weeks, so come back on March 10 to find out whether Jack survives and what Emily does next.

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