'Revenge' Recap: Show Your Cards
'Revenge' Recap: Show Your Cards
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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This week on Revenge, it finally seems like Emily is back on track for her revenge plan. But Victoria is also getting closer to finding out the truth about who she is.

Can't Buy Me Love

Victoria is steamed at Pascal because he's trying to buy his way into her heart with expensive paintings, and of course we all know that Victoria's love can't be bought. Well, at least that's what she claims.

Emily is pining over Aiden, which I usually would find annoying, but the recent plot development of Daniel being the world's biggest ass has made me a little more sympathetic. She hasn't heard from Aiden since he's left and she doesn't expect to. Nolan, meanwhile, is scouring through Pascal's companies' databases trying to find any information that could tell them his involvement with the David Clark scandal.

At Grayson Manor, Charlotte and her bangs are working on Voulez's gossip blog. She tells Daniel she'll never be able to forgive Emily for what she did to their family. Daniel wants to join forces again to get revenge on Emily and her friends. Charlotte agrees, but only if they leave Jack out of it.

Jack and Stevie meet at the Stowaway. They're the most recent target of the tabloids because the story about how Stevie had an illegitimate son while married to Conrad was leaked. Stevie insists that Conrad wasn't always so terrible, that she was just as much to blame for the end of their marriage as he was. She tells him that Jack's never seen her drunk, and she's happy he'll never have to. Which probably means we'll end up seeing her drunk before the end of this season.

Conrad is at a cigar bar with Pascal giving him advice on how to win over Victoria. He tells her the painting was a good idea on paper, but if he wants to woo her, it will require more of a slow burn. Emily approaches Pascal when Conrad leaves. Pascal dismisses her, saying he's not interested in becoming a scandal. But Emily manages to snag the coin Pascal had been handling while he was at the bar.

Victoria has a garden party where one of her ridiculously plastic friends is supportive to the point of being suspicious. Conrad interrupts to show her the eviction notice he found on the door. He tells her it's unlikely that Stevie will let up until she gets Grayson Manor, but Victoria hardly seems worried. Victoria does bring the Stevie/Porter scandal to Conrad's attention, and he seems shock and maybe even a bit hurt to hear it.

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In Daddy's Shadow

Margaux tells Jack that she got a job offer from a magazine in Rome. She says she wants Voulez and she wants to be with Jack, but the magazine will never be hers as long as her father is in the picture. She tells Jack she won't take the job. He tells her that she should consider the job offer because he doesn't want to keep her from something that would make her truly happy.

Emily and Nolan discover that Pascal's a gambling man because his coin that Emily took is a poker chip. So Emily's going to throw a Monte Carlo night for charity to get closer to Pascal.

Daniel is trying to convince Margaux that he has a way to oust her father from the magazine. She tries to tell him no, that she's considering the job in Rome. Daniel brings in Charlotte in attempt to throw Jack under the bus. He says the only reason he's supportive of Margaux leaving is because Emily's single again and he's really in love with her. Real nice, Daniel. Especially considering you just promised Charlotte that you'd leave Jack out of this.

Emily meets with Stevie at the Stowaway. She asks Stevie if she knows anything about Pascal. Stevie says all she knows is that Victoria was dating Pascal when she went into rehab, but when she came out, she was with Conrad.

Jack tells Emily about how Margaux may take a job in Italy. She tells him that she ended things with Aiden, that she pushed him away even though she still loves him. Jack puts a comforting hand on hers, just in time for Margaux to walk by and catch them in an intimate (albeit platonic) moment.

Victoria tells Daniel that she met Pascal when she was 16 during her internship in Paris. They dated, but then she had to go back to New York. They kept in touch, and he sent her a flower every day they were away from one another, but when she flew back to surprise him, she caught him in bed with another woman. Daniel says that it looks like Emily's making some kind of move for Pascal. He sees that she's throwing a Monte Carlo event, and he's going to make sure he's on the guest list.

Emily flies to a Bermuda to ask him about the note they found in Pascal's handwriting referring to "TWM." She also admits that she just wanted to see him and that she misses him. He tears up the note she brought and tells her that she can't just give him the cold shoulder and expect him to come running back to her.

Pascal calls Maragaux into his office at Voulez. He received a notice from an agent who got an anonymous tip that he was using the magazine as a tax shelter. Margaux tells him that the agent is a friend of Daniel's and she could make his problem go away if he gives her what she wants. So she blackmails her own father into giving her Voulez. She wants Conrad out, too.

An Evening in Monte Carlo

Emily looks stunning in red as she waits for Pascal to arrive to Monte Carlo night. Daniel comments on her red dress, saying that it looks like tonight he'll be putting all of his money on black. Before Emily can get to Pascal, Victoria swoops in and takes his arm.

Pascal begs Victoria to move on from their troubled past. She tries to warn him that Emily is playing him before Emily comes over to tell him she's arranged for a high stakes poker table for the two of them. Pascal insists that Victoria take his place at the table instead.

Javier, Nolan's prison buddy/house guest is there to put the moves on Charlotte, who he's been cyber stalking. Oh and he puts the moves on thick. Nolan tells him he thinks it's stupid that he tweaked his house arrest transmitter to get to the party, and he should get home now. He doesn't leave without grabbing Charlotte for a passionate kiss first though.

Jack arrives at the party looking sexy in a classic tux. Margaux tells him that she teamed up with Daniel to get her father out of Voulez. While he's happy for her, he warns her that Daniel can't be trusted. She retaliates, saying that if the papers are to be believed, Emily can't be trusted either.

Victoria puts Emily all in during their poker game. Emily puts Daniel's engagement ring in to cover the amount in the pot. Emily has three queens and Victoria has three aces. But Victoria folds and lets Emily win. Pascal comes in to take Emily away for a private conversation.

Getting Past the Past

Conrad visits Stevie at the South Fork Inn. Conrad is drunk and genuinely hurt that Stevie had a child with another man while they were married. He says the alcoholism doesn't excuse her lying, he was her husband and he deserved to know.

Stevie apologizes and tells him that she's sorry for driving him away. He tells her that he did love her when they were married, and it wasn't all bad times. He apologizes too for getting her involved with the Grayson's affairs again. She says it's not so bad now that she's getting to know Jack and Carl. She tells him there is one thing she would like to put to bed.

Conrad calls Pascal to tell him that Stevie gave him the deed to Grayson Manor. He now has exactly what he needs to get into Victoria's pants. So all of that genuine emotion from Conrad was once again, just an act.

Emily meets with Pascal in his hotel room. She tells him she has access to some of the Graysons' deepest, darkest secrets. He agrees to work with her, but she notices some feedback in an Eiffel Tower trinket on his table. She says nothing else before she leaves, telling him it's time he put some effort into getting her attention. 

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Stevie tells Jack at the Stowaway about Conrad's visit. She says it's brought her back to a painful place and it hasn't been easy reliving such pain. Down at the bar, she pours herself a drink, but before she brings it to her drinks, she dumps it on the floor and walks out the door.

Victoria visits Pascal at his hotel room. She received the deed to Grayson Manor, and unlike his other gifts, she won't be returning this one. Pascal asks why she let Emily win and she says it's because she wanted to see her next move. She says she's hunting Emily. Yikes. Pascal tells her that she was trying to sell Grayson secrets, but he will never betray her again. Which was apparently the right thing to say, because they start making out.

Emily and Nolan debrief after the party. Nolan hasn't gotten any further in his investigation into Pascal's records as to who TWM is, and he's running out of ideas. Aiden sneaks into Emily's though, and he has an idea! He put the letter back together after he ripped it up in Bermuda and he knows who TWM is. It's his father, Trevor Warren Mathis. And he's back on the case, but not because of Emily, Because now, it's personal. 

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