'Revenge' Recap: Emily Gets Her Revenge-y Mojo Back
'Revenge' Recap: Emily Gets Her Revenge-y Mojo Back
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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"Retribution" is just that -- making people pay. Except it doesn't happen, but sets up the pieces to do so. The old Emily is back, and it's nice to see her again. She's always been here, but has either been slightly distracted or didn't know what was going on to the people around her. It's unfortunate that in order for Emily to get back to her revenge-y ways, there is a sacrifice, but it has to happen in the overall scheme of things.

All of the Discoveries

This is an episode of discovering the truth. 

- There's Emily finding out the Graysons' plot to frame Amanda for Helen's murder.

- Victoria finding out about the Ryans, which is kind of funny realizing that she knew nothing about what Conrad had going on with those brothers.

- There's Jack being told he's a single father now. Charlotte tracks down Amanda's foster brother!

- Jack finding the secret stash of computer and juvenile papers, which brings out the truth about Amanda and Emily's troublesome past -- but not the actual truth of switching identities, thank goodness.

What does everything mean? She tells us when she tosses the computer into an extremely fake-looking ocean what the computer Aidan was able to retrieve during Amanda's funeral: Emily's back on her original mission to bring down the Graysons. That's her way of mourning, to channel the rage and unleash hell on them. How exactly remains to be seen.

Jack's Mission

As much as it's about Emily seeking revenge, it's also about Jack's as well. On the boat, Amanda blabs Emily's truth about her return to the Hamptons, and it seems as if the grieving husband will carry out his dead wife's wish. This can't be good -- and we see this new side of Jack, one who wants to make the Graysons pay. He's become broken and sadly; there might never be any turning back.

And he's also shutting out Emily, which won't help with her own plans. But it seems like Jack may confide in Nolan a little bit, so hopefully that will allow Emily to keep tabs on Jack and protect him.

In Mourning

There are two incredibly moving scenes in this episode, and they come from Jack and Emily. Poor Declan and Emily are by Jack's bedside at the hospital when he awakes to break the news that his wife is dead. It's nothing short of gut-wrenching as the tears are streaming down his face.

The second is the eulogy Emily delivers for Amanda, at Jack's insistence. It's like poetry, the way she speaks about death -- nobody can say Emily doesn't have a way with words. But in talking about Amanda, she's also talking about herself, of course, and that's what is the saddest part of all. With Amanda, a part of her dies as well. 

Out of Nowhere

How will the emergence of this foster brother throw a wrinkle into Emily's plans? At first glance, it seems to be yet another distraction for Emily, as she will have to take care of this problem before he gets too close with the Graysons, which, judging by the preview, is exactly what might happen.

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