'Revenge' Recap: Treadwell Does His Part to Ruin More Relationships
'Revenge' Recap: Treadwell Does His Part to Ruin More Relationships
Christopher Spicer
Christopher Spicer
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Revenge presents another episode that reminds me that my own marriage is a blessing.  Sure, all relationships are complicated, and have their problems.  On Revenge, relationships are usually slightly more dangerous than blindfolding yourself and dancing on a highway.  This week, there are a few sweet and loving moments, but for the most part, I'm just glad I'm not married in the show's version of the Hamptons.

Mason Treadwell Discovers the Secret

Treadwell has successfully created enemies with about every single character on this show. Most of the episode, he is busy trying to send Conrad to the slammer, and also finding a way to reveal Victoria's kidnapping was a fraud. For a good portion, it appears Emily has successfully turned Treadwell into a powerful pawn in her Grayson revenge plot. Victoria unknowingly complicates Emily's life by revealing she was once in a juvenile detention center just like Amanda. Emily was quick enough to throw Treadwell off the scent at the start of the episode, but Treadwell's eureka face in the final scene displays a man set on the truth.

Does this mean Treadwell ends up foiling Emily's plans?  Or has the Revenge universe deemed it has been far too long since our last death and this is the start of his trip to the morgue? Then again, Emily couldn't even kill the murderer of her father, so she'll likely need a much more convoluted plan to keep Treadwell's mouth shut.  This also could be the moment we discover Treadwell's hatred of the Graysons is the strongest thing running through him and his discovery turns out magnificently for Emily. If that is the conclusion, I'm sure we have 20,000 twists before that end point.

Daniel Striking Back

Daniel may eventually prove to be dangerous, especially if he continues pining for Emily. At this point, he finally figures out his parents are the most untrustworthy people in the universe. The character is far more likable when he sees through every single of his parents' awful lies. The show is hinting that Daniel may be getting a little greedy over his chance to take over the empire. Hints are dropped that Ashley may have some dark secrets, and so Daniel could just be moving on to the next manipulator.

More Proof Emily Doesn't Do Forgiveness

After a nice day of ruining lives, Aidan wants to make some sweet love to Emily. Emily seems to not be quite over the whole being-abandoned-for-the-missing-sister thing. Aidan likes to play the role of protector, but he really hasn't done much of anything that could be considered helpful. Well, he did save Emily's life once, but he also still appears intent on wrecking Nolan's company. I'm not entirely convinced his relationship with Daniel is formed only to aid Emily in her plans. For once, Emily likely makes the right relationship choice.

Graysons Have Relationship Troubles

It is never fun to be arrested for murder on your sham wedding day. Conrad also is making shady deals with the Initiative again, and the past deal led to a blown-up plane. Conrad's next few weeks aren't looking too rosy. The deeper relationship with the Initiative may finally allow us to start seeing more members of the group and figure out if they do anything else besides explosions and murder. Did Emily frame Conrad to lure out the Initiative?

Kara is following in her daughter's footsteps by starting her own revenge against Victoria's plan. This is much easier to do when you're living in the home of the target. It'll be interesting to see if Kara ends up being an ally or a dangerous distraction to Emily's own plans. The Kara and Victoria late evening balcony chat may contain the world's most volatile apology. These ladies are set for a rumble very soon.
The Porters' Romance Life Picks Up 

Kenny Ryan is going to make Jack's life hell in the future, but at least for one episode, things go relatively well for the Porter boys: Jack steps it up and proposes to Amanda. I'm sure Emily won't do monkey flips over the news, but it is nice to see Jack do something other than mope. It appears a plunge from a balcony is a great way to heal a damaged relationship.

Declan is officially off the "most annoying character" list and is being the stand-up guy we loved from season 1. It's sweet seeing him finally reunite and kiss Charlotte, and stand by her after her father's arrested.  Of course, it also seems like he is being manipulated by the devious Kenny. For now, Declan is doing the right things again.

The One Healthy Relationship Lasts One Episode

Nolan and Padme are likely still together, but they also aren't rushing into any more romantic beach breakfasts. Does Padme have a hidden agenda or has she just made a huge mistake discussing David Clarke with Daniel?  Nolan seems to have a plan to fix his current mess, and it'll be interesting to see how willing Padme is to help out.

Oh, Revenge, where your partner is more likely to stab you in your back than hold your hand.

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