'Revenge' Exclusive Interview: Christa B Allen on Challenges Facing the More Mature Charlotte in Season 3
'Revenge' Exclusive Interview: Christa B Allen on Challenges Facing the More Mature Charlotte in Season 3
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Charlotte was put through quite a lot last season with finding out she was pregnant and then losing Declan in the explosion at Grayson Global. When Revenge returns in season 3, she's grown up from a rebellious teen to a mature young woman. 

I spoke with Christa B. Allen at the ABC All-Star Reception this summer to find out the scoop how Charlotte's dealt with the losses and if she's been able to move on or not.

In the finale, we find out that Charlotte's pregnant and then Declan dies. She's been through a lot of trauma, after the time jump where do we find Charlotte?

We come back to season 3 with Charlotte having spent the entire summer in Europe sort of recovering and taking a respite from her crazy family and everything that's going on. And, when she gets back, she's truly a more mature, developed young woman. She's now had real things happen to her. She's dealing with real adult problems. She's grown a lot.

Is she traveling with anyone?

She's there alone, but it's funny the Grayson's have lost their wealth. That's how we ended season 2. So, it's interesting to see how that affects Charlotte even overseas and then when she gets back. In my experience at least, once you achieve a certain level of living or a certain lifestyle, it's really hard to go back. You can really only go up, you can't go backwards. So, it's interesting to see them dealing with being broke.

Is the pregnancy going to be a storyline still?

It definitely affects what happens in season 3. It certainly affects some of the decisions that Charlotte makes. 

Does she go back to the Hamptons?

She goes return to the Hamptons to find things very different from how she left them. Her new brother -- supposed brother -- has come into town. So, she starts digging to figure out whether he's genuine, whether he's trying to get something out of being part of the family. What's going on between him and Charlotte's mom, Victoria.

Who does Charlotte primarily interact with in the first few episodes?

She's talking with her mother and her new brother trying to figure out what both of their intentions are with each other. And, then some things go really wrong with Conrad. So, Charlotte is standing by Conrad's side for most of the first few episodes. 

Charlotte had issues with the paparazzi before, now that her father's the Governor does that play a role? 

It doesn't affect Charlotte so much, but she does have an experience where she's seen what the impact of her father being Governor has had around the world. Everyone knows about the new Governor of New York. He's sort of taken the brunt of that media attention.

After the time lapse, is Charlotte pretty much over what happened with the explosion? Or, is that something that she's still dealing with on a day-to-day basis?

She's definitely still struggling with it. It's not something that you can just gloss over or forget when the love of your life dies. So, it certainly starts to inform her decision in season 3. And, it makes everything very real for her in the way that she needs to define who's family, who's genuine, who needs to be there. Charlotte tries to keep everyone together. Because at the end of the day, what do you have if you don't have family.

She has nephew. Is she involved in helping take care of him.

Yeah, absolutely. Charlotte's always been sort of the been -- played a big role in Carl's life and I think that she'll continue to.

Anything else you want to tease about the season?

Definitely more skin showing this season.

For you? Or, people in general?

Nothing for me yet, but I'm certainly begging the showrunners for some of that stuff.

Would you want a new love interest?

Yeah. I think a hot Latin lover for Charlotte. Some bad boy who comes to town ... once she's gotten over Declan of course.

Revenge season 3 premieres on Sunday, September 29 at 9 pm ET on ABC.

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