Familiar Faces Will Return to 'Once Upon a Time' and 'Revenge' Next Season
Familiar Faces Will Return to 'Once Upon a Time' and 'Revenge' Next Season
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
There are always a lot of casting changes made to shows during the summer months. So it is comforting to learn that supporting characters are coming back for even bigger roles in the fall. Keep reading to find out who will be returning to Revenge and Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time Promotes Little Red Riding Hood

Although we saw her in many Once Upon a Time season 1 episodes (17 of them, to be precise), Ruby/Little Red Riding Hood -- played by actress Meghan Ory -- was not technically a main character on the show. Now, according to a report from Deadline.com, Meghan Ory has been promoted to a series regular for the show's second season.

This indicates that Ruby/Red's storyline will continue as Once Upon a Time goes into season 2. The one season 1 episode that focused on the character, "Red-Handed," gave us the surprise news that sweet Little Red Riding Hood was actually a werewolf! This clever twist on the familiar story explained both the red cape (the only thing capable of halting Red's werewolf change) and Ruby's uncanny sense of smell.

Now that magic is back in Storybrooke, will we see Ruby go back to Little Red Riding Hood's wolfish ways? With so much more of Meghan Ory in season 2, it's a distinct possibility.

Amanda Isn't Going Anywhere on Revenge

One of the biggest shocks in the Revenge season 1 finale was the sudden reappearance of "Fauxmanda" to the Hamptons. And she was pregnant! With (probably) Jack's baby!

Thanks to some casting news (first reported by Deadline.com), we know that this storyline will have plenty of time to play out. Actress Margarita Levieva will be back for several season 2 episodes.

The actress -- who plays "Amanda Clarke," the former foster child and juvenile delinquent who once switched identities with Revenge's protagonist, Emily -- has been confirmed to appear in at least 7 of the first 14 Revenge season 2 episodes. This should give the show plenty of time to move along that pregnancy. Will the baby turn out to be Jack's? Does the coming child have something to do with where Amanda disappeared to for months?

Revenge is certain to give some sort of twisty and twisted answer to these questions in season 2.

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