Calculating 'Revenge': A Shift with 'Perception'
Calculating 'Revenge': A Shift with 'Perception'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Things are getting dark in the Hamptons.

The truth about Charlotte is out. Emily and Nolan are turning on each other. Jack is going all avenging-angel. And someone stole Emily's box-o'-Revenge. So much darkness naturally leads to a whole bunch of serious Revenge questions.

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Who Has Emily's Revenge Stuff? And Why?
In an episode full of surprises (Hello, sudden admission of non-paternity from Conrad Grayson!), none was bigger than Emily coming home to opened floorboards and a loss of her entire "revengeda." Who did the deed?

The obvious choice is, of course, Amanda. The RSVP on the left-behind invitation, "Miss Emily Thorne," certainly points in that direction. Plus, Amanda was angry, volatile and had at least a basic idea of what her "friend" was up to.

Why would Amanda raid Emily's cache? Punishment for the loss of Jack and a thirst for vengeance seem the most likely reasons. Add in Amanda's co-dependency when it comes to Emily, and the act makes sense. The question, if it was indeed Amanda who did the stealing, is what comes next?

Even with Amanda's obviousness, we can't discount another culprit. What if it were someone like Ashley? Could Emily's supposed friend (and actual Victoria supporter) be involved?

What Is Ashley's Agenda?
Ashley has often been an underused figure in Revenge. We know she's semi-ruthless and desperate for social prominence. But how far will she go? What's her ultimate goal?

We are starting to see Ashley forming some allegiances. She has most definitely tied her fate to that of Victoria (at least for now). She became a fan of Nolan's after the whole Tyler thing. Ashley's friendship with Emily, meanwhile, is tenuous at best and full-on backstabbing at worst. And Ashley seems to have no use for Conrad.

Where will she go with all of this?

When Will We Focus on Victoria's Past?
The question of Victoria's pre-Grayson past is somewhat rhetorical at the moment. Still, Revenge has been carefully -- and over several episodes -- planting some hints as to where Victoria came from. What do we know so far?

  • She worked in a gallery when she and Conrad got together.
  • She claimed (falsely) to be pregnant in order to hurry a marriage.
  • There was little money in her background.
  • Victoria never knew her father.

When will all of this become important? How will it affect Revenge?

Should We Read Anything into Emily's "Daniel" Flashbacks?
So Emily/Amanda met Daniel before the summer of Revenge? This might be nothing more than another example of the Vengeful One's incredible planning -- but it might be something more as well.

Thus far, all the flashbacks have shown us are 1) a drunk and poetry-spouting Daniel (Cute that he was the one who turned Emily on to William Blake...), 2) Emily/Amanda obviously doing some Grayson research, and 3) some girlfriend who was unimpressed by Daniel's protests of a hard life.

What more could there be? Although the timing is iffy, is there any chance that Daniel's girlfriend was the soon-to-be-maimed waitress? And, if so, did Emily have anything to do with the accident?

Is Daniel Doomed?
Obviously, this is the big question going into next week's Revenge episode, "Chaos."

We have been expecting and fearing Daniel's murder since the beginning of the Revenge pilot, so why does it feel surprising now that it looks like Daniel is doomed?

Two reasons come to mind. First, Revenge is too good for such an obvious death. There has to be something else. Whether this is a twist on how Daniel dies or a huge fake-out about the victim's identity remains to be seen. But it's fair to hope for something other than the straightforward murder of Daniel Grayson.

Second, Daniel is too likable to be an OK victim. Sure he's spoiled and angry at his parents, but otherwise Daniel is basically a good guy. He doesn't deserve death, and Revenge will take a decisive and dark turn if young Mr. Grayson is lost.

One way or another, we'll find out Daniel's fate next week.

The next episode of Revenge, "Chaos," will air on Wednesday, February 15 at 10pm on ABC.

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