[VIDEOS] Super Bowl Commercials Go Quirky for 2013
[VIDEOS] Super Bowl Commercials Go Quirky for 2013
Dani  Stone
Dani Stone
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Do you have your hot wings, Velveeta cheese, little wieners, chips and beer? It's time for Super Bowl 2013. The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens are ready to do battle in the resilient city of New Orleans and much like last year, it's a family affair. 

When head coaches John Harbaugh, (Ravens) and Jim Harbaugh, (Niners) take the field, it will be the first time in history that brothers have squared off against each other in the Super Bowl. Both have been described as "excitable" which I think is a nice way of saying they're both known for losing their marbles on the sidelines when a play doesn't go their way.

While sibling rivalry and the thought of watching one or both Harbaughs have complete come-aparts in front of millions of viewers is certainly something to look forward to, so are the commercials. A few advertisers have already leaked their ads online and so far we like what we see. Fast cars, sex, whimsy, controversy and audience participation. Sounds like a party to me. Let's go check 'em out.


From Audi, "Prom." This prom-goer is a little bummed about going stag but when dad throws him the keys to the car, watch him shift in to full-on swagger mode. 


In this steamy ad from Fiat USA, "Topless," a Scorpion takes a walk on the wild side and a side-boob shot narrowly gets the green light by CBS censors.

Just released from Calvin Klein, "Concept." The preview is supposed to introduce Calvin's new underwear line with seamless technology but all I saw were miles and miles of delicious abs. Ladies, enjoy the best 16 seconds of your day. 


Toyota nabbed the adorable Kaley Cuoco (Penny from Big Bang Theory) as their spokes-genie for the new Rav4 ad, "Wish Granted." In this spot, Kaley, who looks more like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, right down to her tiny designer pup, grants wishes that turn in to fun hi-larious hijinks.

Taco Bell is known for its wacky commercials and this year is no exception. While they have a few different ads slated to run during the big game, this one titled, "Viva Young," already has people talking and senior citizens making big plans for the weekend. 


When Volkswagen made this spot for their new Beetle, I'm sure they never figured something titled, "Get Happy," would get so much negative attention. Some early viewers say that having a pasty white business man speak with a Jamaican accent in this commercial is racist and it should be banned. Personally, it just makes me smile. "Oh, don't fret me brother, da sticky bun come soon." Watch and let us know what you think. 


Where can you find creep-tastic actor Willem Dafoe, Usher and sexy model, Kate Upton together? In the new Mercedes Benz commercial, "Soul." Watch the very expensive 90 second extended cut here. 

Audience Participation 

Couldn't get a ticket to the big game? Do you feel like the only way you'll get to participate is to throw Cheetos at your big-screen and shout at the refs? Think again. Coke wants to make sure you have a hand in picking the winner -- of their new commercial that is. Who will win, "The Chase?" 

Honorable Mention 

Century 21 hired Hollywood heavy hitters to create four fun Super Bowl commercials. Pump some extra butter on your popcorn and check out this mini movie trailer, then watch all four spots in their entirety. 

Crash the Super Bowl 

This year the ad-makers at Doritos folded their arms and said, "You think you can make a better commercial? Fine. Do it then." The Doritos, "Crash The Super Bowl" contest allowed regular folks the opportunity to submit a spot and then the public voted to narrow down the finalists. Voting ended on January 29 and the big reveal will be announced on Sunday night. Here's a clip from one of the finalists, "Fashionista Daddy." This guy really loves his daughter, and his Doritos. 

Companies like M&Ms, Pepsi, E*Trade, Budweiser and others are keeping their concepts safely tucked away till Super Bowl Sunday. I can't wait to see who else brings their A-game. Until then, as they say in Nawlins, "Laissez les bons temps rouler," which I think is Cajun French for, "Pour me another drink." No, wait, it actually means, "Let the good times roll." Cheers!

Leave a comment telling us your favorite Super Bowl 2013 commercial. 

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