The Wanted Land Their Own Reality Show on E!
The Wanted Land Their Own Reality Show on E!
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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Ryan Seacrest made the Kardashians household names when he began producing their first reality show for the E! network. Now he's about to do it again on the same network, this time with a boy band from Britain you may already know.

Also, read on to find out about Buckwild and Top Chef being renewed, as well as John Corbett joining the cast of an NCIS spin-off.

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Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuinness, Tom Parker, Nathan Sykes. Those names may not mean anything to you. But you might know them as the successful UK band The Wanted. All five members will be moving out to the Hollywood Hills to live together and "take on all that LA has to offer," according to a press release.

Executive Producer Ryan Seacrest said, "America has a long history of falling for British bad boy musicians, so it's no surprise that The Wanted are already beloved by legions of fans far and wide. This talented and outspoken English-Irish band are setting their own course to fame and this journey is the foundation of the series. It's a road that's bound to include irresistible pop tracks along with plenty of humor, antics and drama behind-the-scenes, which I believe will further ignite fascination and even obsession with these guys."

The Wanted Life premieres this June on E!

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Buckwild and Top Chef Renewed

When Jersey Shore signed off for the last time, everyone was wondering what could ever replace the hit show that screamed sophistication. (Sarcasm fully intended.) MTV ordered Buckwild and it has since become a hit. And now the network has renewed Buckwild for a second season. The show follows a group of twenty-somethings as they run amok and pretty much dumb down our own IQ along the way.

But if food is more your style, then here's some good news: Top Chef is now renewed for season 11. Auditions will take place over the next several weeks in Austin, Brooklyn, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles. A filming location will be announced at a later time.

John Corbett Cast in NCIS: LA Spinoff

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. But if it's successful, then create a spin-off. That seems to be the mantra for many shows like Law & Order, CSI and NCIS. The latter also has one spin-off, NCIS: LA, and they're working on another, NCIS: Red. And John Corbett has been cast as Roy Quaid, "a former NCIS special agent who is forced to retire from active service and now works as an analyst," according to the LA Times. NCIS: LA will air a backdoor pilot, and then CBS has to decide whether to go ahead with a third edition.

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