Renewal Roundup: 'Being Human', 'Top Chef', 'Secret Life' Get New Seasons
Renewal Roundup: 'Being Human', 'Top Chef', 'Secret Life' Get New Seasons
If you're seated in front of your telly, anxiously wondering if your favorite show's returning to your screens soon... well, if that show's on the list, it is getting renewed. Yay for you! And me. I happen to like most of these shows. What are the chances?

First off, Syfy has announced that Being Human and Face Off are both getting third seasons. Being Human is, of course, the American adaptation of the brilliant BBC series (whose fourth season has just premiered, I must add) that stars Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington and Meaghan Rath. Face Off, on the other hand, is this pretty cool competition series between prosthetic make-up artists, with a $100,000 top prize. Think of it as Top Chef, but you make ghoulish masks instead of souffles.

Speaking of Top Chef, Bravo has renewed the Emmy-winning series for a tenth season. The search for new contestants will begin on February 21, according to The Hollywood Reporter, with casting calls in New York, Denver, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. No clue on where the tenth season will be set, but with the current season set in Texas... do I guess Hawaii? Wild guess, that one.

Sticking with the kitchen motif, Fox has renewed Kitchen Nightmares for a fifth season. The reality series, starring Gordon Ramsey in a relatively more humanitarian role than in Hell's Kitchen, will get 16 new episodes. The fourth season currently airs Friday nights.

Hot off Shailene Woodley's acclaimed role in the Oscar-nominated flick The Descendants, ABC Family has renewed The Secret Life of the American Teenager for a fifth season. The announcement makes Secret Life the network's longest-running drama, and the first to hit the 100-episode mark, according to Deadline. The announcement comes alongside news that the network is picking up new shows, including a comedy featuring Dancing with the Stars contestant Chelsea Kane. Secret Life's spring premiere is set on March 26.

TV Land has also renewed its newest original comedy The Exes. The series, which stars Kristen Johnston, Donald Faison and Wayne Knight, will return to screens this June, Deadline reports.

Finally, looks like HBO's Luck is not running out of luck: the Dustin Hoffman-fronted series is getting a ten-episode second season, according to Deadline. The early renewal is in part because of the availability of the Santa Anita racetrack, where most of the series is set. The series, co-created by Deadwood's David Milch and film director Michael Mann, airs Sunday nights on HBO.

(Images courtesy of Syfy, Bravo and ABC Family)