BuddyTV Daily Quiz: Whose Lips Are These?
I'll admit one thing: doing today's quiz is a bit awkward for me. One, I'm more of an eyes kind of guy. Two, cropping all these lips out of photos feels a bit like Dexter Morgan killing serial killers.

But that's beside the point. Last week we did a quiz where you guessed which guy owned a particular set of abs. This week, we do a female version of that quiz, only we'll have you guess who owns which pair of lips.

Should be easy, yes? I mean, we watch them on TV pretty much every week, and when they deliver lines (or kiss someone, totally depends) it's their lips that do the working. Then again, it was easy until I got cryptic with the questions.

That wasn't so hard, wasn't it? If you're still out for more, may I suggest our quiz on last week's TV?

(Images courtesy of WENN)