BuddyTV Daily Quiz: TV's Blissed Out Druggies
BuddyTV Daily Quiz: TV's Blissed Out Druggies
We all know that drugs don't do you any good -- but I think the Botwins didn't get the memo, which explains Weeds' return for a seventh season on Showtime last night. And that's barely the first instance of drug use on TV: from the serious meth business on Breaking Bad to substitute sandwiches on How I Met Your Mother, narcotics have powered some of the best shows we've ever seen.

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To mark all that, today's daily quiz is all about TV characters who took drugs in one way or another -- either they got high on the stuff, or they just had to sell them for money. Disclaimer: please do not take this quiz if you're blissed out yourself. We do not condone drug use. TV writers just seem to love making stories around it, though. And besides, scoring high in this quiz should be a better type of high, right?

If you're still in a competitive mood, we've got yesterday's quiz on TV's vampires to tide you over. Like this quiz, getting a high score there is a better type of high. No, I'm not referring to vampire blood on True Blood, no...

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