BuddyTV Daily Quiz: This Week In TV, August 13-19
To paraphrase SpongeBob SquarePants, "another week, another seven nickels!" And sure, while last week saw a bunch of finales -- and this week, too -- there was still a lot going on our televisions. Life at the Big Brother house continued while werewolves killed each other on Teen Wolf. Twelve talents got another shot on America's Got Talent, while Emma (or Sutton, who?) got into some new trouble on The Lying Game. You get the idea.

So, for another week, here's another quiz on all that happened on your little screens over the past seven days. In case you need reminding, all the answers here can be found in everything that we've written here on BuddyTV in the past (guess!) seven days. Wait, you knew already? Lovely!

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(Images courtesy of Oxygen, MTV and ABC)