BuddyTV Daily Quiz: The Award Goes To This Year's Teen Choice Awards
Teens and their teen icons graced the stage last night and the coveted surfboards were given away to those who deserved it. So yes, the honor of being today's quiz topic goes to (insert drumroll here) the 2011 Teen Choice Awards.

Sucky intro aside, here are questions on winners and nominees, from vampire-laden TV shows to action-packed movies. If you want to review your notes first, go ahead. But you better know who went home with those summer-themed trophies:

We'd like to thank the winners for winning, the nominees for trying, and the fans for voting. Right. That was uncalled for. Anyway, don't forget to catch our previous quiz on TV happenings last week, and check back tomorrow for questions you'd want to fight for.

(Image courtesy of Nickelodeon, Summit Entertainment)