Buddy Bites: Survivor's Richard Hatch Out Of Jail, Smallville's Sam Jones Enters It
Let's call tonight's edition of Buddy Bites the "legal edition". Do you have your Law & Order ba-bumps handy? Before reading each item, play that sound byte -- it makes for an authentic experience. On to tonight's bits then:

Richard Hatch is out of prison: the first Survivor winner (and later contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice) was released from prison earlier today, according to Zap2it. He was first jailed in 2006 for tax evasion, after being found guilty of not paying taxes for the $1 million he earned from the CBS reality show. He was later jailed in 2009 for not sticking to the terms of his earlier release. Now, if Survivor decides to bring back the Redemption Island twist, I have an idea...

Sam Jones enters prison: the Smallville star -- you might remember him as Pete Ross in the show's first three seasons -- entered a low-security correctional facility in Lompoc, CA this week, TMZ reports. He pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy earlier this year after being found involved in a drug ring, selling 10,000 Oxycodone pills. His sentence will last only a year; he was originally slated to serve five years.

Leighton Meester wins her court case against her mom: the Gossip Girl star received a default judgment against her mother, Constance Meester. Leighton first sued her mother, accusing her of using a monthly $7,500 check -- meant for her brother's medical expenses -- for plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. Constance later countersued, for $3 million in damages, claiming that she "sacrificed her happiness" to further her daughter's career.

The Hollywood Reporter now says that the older Meester has withdrew her claims, forcing the judge the declare that there is no contractual relationship between mother and daughter. In other words, mom cannot claim her famous kid's paycheck. XOXO, Gossip Girl? Hmm.

One last court item, although it's not as messy as the earlier ones: Eva Longoria is developing a legal drama with the CW, according to THR. The series, named Vega v. Vega, revolves around a young, successful lawyer who is forced to go in a practice with her mother. Yep, you guessed it -- mother and daughter don't exactly go along so well. The Desperate Housewives star won't be starring in the show: she's only acting as an executive producer.

Leaving the legal theme (but still play the ba-bumps, please): Peter Krause is directing an episode of Parenthood, according to TV Guide. Krause, who plays Adam Braverman in the NBC series, will make his TV directorial debut on this season's 15th episode, called "Politics".

And finally, eye candy for New Year's eve: Tyler Posey is co-hosting MTV's New Year's Eve Live special. Should work as a bridge between then and the new season of Teen Wolf, yes? Ba-bump.

(Images courtesy of WENN)