'Reign' Interview: Adelaide Kane, Toby Regbo and EP Laurie McCarthy on Season 2's Plague, Baby, Politics and More!
'Reign' Interview: Adelaide Kane, Toby Regbo and EP Laurie McCarthy on Season 2's Plague, Baby, Politics and More!
Carla Day
Carla Day
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When Reign Season 2 premieres, Mary and Francis will be going in separate directions, but they're still together as a married couple despite their troubles. Adelaide Kane, Toby Regbo and Executive Producer Laurie McCarthy spoke with reporters at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 about what's coming up this fall.

They discussed the struggles facing Mary, Francis and Bash, Francis' connection to his child, the plague, political threats and much more. Check out the interviews below, including highlights.

Interview with Executive Producer Laurie McCarthy

Highlights from the interview:

  • "There are always sex scenes. It's Reign. It's raining sex scenes."
  • In the 16th century and a Catholic nation, "marriage is forever." 
  • Mary and Francis love each other. They will be tested in many ways, such as personally with Lola and the baby. It was a one-night stand rather than from a long standing affair, but he does have another family. 
  • Given Mary's fertility troubles, "it's gonna tear at their union a little bit."
  • Francis and Mary have the same job now to rule, but they will "do it in conflicting ways." Their personalities are similar, but they will approach problems differently. 
  • "The stakes are huge. They're life and death when you're King and Queen and that's going to cause them problems as well."
  • Francis can't tell Mary that he killed his father. That's a secret that could get him and her beheaded.  "That will tear away at their relation. The fact that he's haunted by something and it's something dark and awful."
  • Mary and her ladies are "understanding and forgiving with each other." They will try to be friends regardless of the baby situation. The bond is strong between the friends and "shouldn't be easily broken."
  • Mary would like to see Bash happy. The issue will be that Bash isn't Rich and Kenna will try to come to terms with that. She's come to deal with the lack of power too. She will put pressure on Bash to rise in status and gain more power. That will come with "dark results."
  • Season 1 set up the political dynamics between France and England. Season 2 will be primarily about France, though England is still out there. Scotland is at "relative peace." Mary's focus is on France now. 
  • The rise of Protestant Reformation will be addressed. The battle between the "old guard and the new guard." 
  • Part of the reason Francis wants to be in his child's life is that he wants to do it differently than his father did with Bash. "By reaching out to his son, he's reaching out to his half-brother." 
  • Francis' cousin, Louis Conde, will be coming to the French Court. He will be a friend to Francis.
Interview with Adelaide Kane and Toby Regbo

Highlights from the interview:

  • Francis is looking for his "baby mama and the child." He's hoping they have survived the outside world. The threats include the plague, but also the frenzy surrounding that.
  • Francis can't be the King when he's in the real world. He has to hide who he is when he searches for Lola and their child.
  • Mary's at the castle with a quarantine. She's dealing with "backstabbing noblemen" trying to take advantage of the chaos due to the plague.
  • Mary has "an uneasy alliance with Catherine to try and maintain order and minimize the amount of death caused by this horrific natural disaster that is the plague." Plus, she's trying not to get sick. 
  • In a clip shown during the panel, Francis is seen holding a child. "For Francis, the struggle with the child is not knowing how to accept the child because ... the paternal drive still exists and he's longing to have an heir. There's that and the guilt so it's difficult to know how to approach the baby." 
  • Catherine will continue to want power and to be Queen. She doesn't have a title. The only power she has is what she's "scrapped together" throughout the years. 
  • Francis and Mary need Catherine, because she's almost always right.
Reign Season 2 premieres Thursday, October 2 at 9pm ET on the CW.

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