'Red Widow' Series Premiere Preview: Welcome to the World of Organized Crime
'Red Widow' Series Premiere Preview: Welcome to the World of Organized Crime
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ABC takes viewers to the gritty world of organized crime through the one woman's journey on the new drama Red Widow. The series, which comes from the screenwriter of the Twilight franchise, will kick off its two-hour premiere tonight at 9/8c.
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On Red Widow, Marta Walraven takes center stage as a stay-at-home mom who's willing to do anything to protect her three children. While she is no stranger to the criminal world, no thanks to her father's ties to the Russian mob, she tried to evade it for as long as she could. Everything changes, however, when her husband Evan, who supports the family by exporting weed, gets whacked.

In the "Pilot," Marta finds out that her husband paid with his life and is still in debt to international crime boss  Nicholae Schiller. Instead of cooperating to the cops, she opts not to go against the "Bratva" code, fearing the safety of her children.  But as Evan's widow, Marta has no choice but to pay this debt even if it means being immersed in the criminal underworld and doing whatever Schiller orders.

Marta goes on her first assignment in the episode "The Contact" where Schiller informs her to import a shipment for him. In order learn the ins and outs of the criminal business, she seeks the help of her brother's best friend Mike and her father Andrei. Meanwhile, her brother Irwin struggles to survive in jail for gun possession.

Red Widow features Radha Mitchell as Marta Walraven, Sterling Beaumon as Gabriel Walraven, Clifton Collins Jr. as FBI Agent James Ramos, Luke Goss as Luther, Suleka Mathew as Dina Tomlin, Erin Moriarty as Natalie Walraven, Jaime Ray Newman as Kat Castillo, Jakob Salvati as Boris Walraven, Lee Tergesen as Mike Tomlin, Wil Traval as Irwin Petrov,  Rade Serbedzija as Andrei Petrov and Goran Visnjic as Nicholae Schiller.

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