'Ravenswood' Recap: Can Miranda Save Remy?
'Ravenswood' Recap: Can Miranda Save Remy?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Caleb's dad came to town, causing Caleb to worry that his father would get caught up in the curse. Remy's sleep-walking turned into sleep-drawing and sleep-stabbing, so she decided to get help before she escalated to sleep-killing. And Miranda finally got her hands on her jar, only to be warned that she did not understand what would happen if she left the safety of Collins' place.

In this week's episode, "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead," Caleb tries to learn more about the town's history while Miranda discovers both the consequences and benefits of destroying her jar. Meanwhile, Remy's experience at the sleep clinic could leave her trapped inside of her nightmares forever. Read on to find out if Ravenswood continues to keep us guessing.

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Miranda Breaks Out

Though Miranda has her jar, she is worried Collins will find a way to make another and keep her trapped forever. To help Miranda get past her fear, Caleb confronts Collins with the jar, but Collins is having none of it. Miranda then uses her spirit powers to freak Collins out because she is done with his nonsense.

When Caleb and Miranda return to Caleb's room, someone or something has left them a message, which points to a book about the town's history. The book was written by H.A. Armitage, the same Armitage the high school is named after. Caleb correctly assumes that the school library will have a copy of the book and invites Miranda to accompany him to the school. Despite Beatrice's warnings and her own fears, Miranda has Caleb open her jar so she is once again free to leave the Collins' place.

It turns out that Mr. Price, the history teacher, has the book checked out. Caleb and Miranda pay a visit to Price's office, but the man shows up before they can leave with the book. He tells Caleb that Armitage was eccentric and into the occult, so Caleb will not learn anything important about the town by reading Armitage's book. Price and Caleb then have an interesting chat about ghost-human relationships and Miranda listens as Price tells Caleb that ghosts can offer nothing to the living. Miranda is about to prove him very wrong.

Are All Sleep Studies This Creepy?

After talking to a doctor at the sleep clinic, Remy learns that the night terrors she had when she was little are very similar to the nightmares she is having now. The three-sided knife made an appearance in her childhood drawings, just as it did in her latest artwork. Since the knife was used by the preacher at the pact-signing and was presumably used to kill Papa Matheson, Remy wants to know more about it. She tells Luke that she believes the knife is a memory from a time when the preacher-who-must-not-be-named appeared in her room when she was a child.

With the doctors -- as well as Luke and her father -- monitoring her, Remy begins her sleep study. In her first dream, Remy travels back to her childhood bedroom and watches her younger self sleep. When the preacher shows up in her room, Remy scares him away from her younger self and the preacher comes after her instead. Remy is able to wake up that time, but she wants to go back under so she can get answers from the preacher about the mysterious knife that killed Luke's father.

Why Is It Always Clowns?

In her second dream, Remy wakes up in little Remy's bed and is confronted with a creepy clown. Because Remy is not bothered by clowns like almost everyone else on the planet, it only distracts her long enough for the preacher to get the drop on her. As Remy's vitals start to go wild in the real world, Remy and the preacher have a talk over tea in her dream.

Remy asks the preacher a bunch of questions, which he does not answer in any helpful way. He keeps insisting that a debt is owed and he always collects. Remy asks why the Cursed Five were chosen and the preacher says it was not random. He also claims he was not responsible for Papa Matheson's death, as he is only the "dealmaker." The preacher refuses to say who killed Papa Matheson, but does say that he is attracted to Remy because of her fear. He uses that fear -- and the three-sided knife -- to hypnotize Remy.

Miranda Helps Her Friend

When the doctors are unable to wake Remy up, Miranda finds a way to enter Remy's dream. Miranda shows up just in time to hear the creepy preacher question Remy about what she saw and how she saw it. Before Remy can spill any sleep-walking details, Miranda bashes the preacher over the head and pulls Remy away from him. They run through Remy's Narnia-esque closet as the preacher chases after them.

Remy gets out of her dream, but the preacher keeps Miranda trapped. He intends to hold on to Miranda forever, but Miranda is stronger than he realizes and Miranda manages to pull them both out of Remy's dream. While Miranda doubts they have defeated the preacher, she hopes he will stay out of Remy's dreams from here on out.

Though Remy could not find out who killed Luke's father, she tells Luke that the three-sided knife is important to the preacher because it is what he makes his deals with. Luke hopes they can use the knife to break the pact that landed them in this mess.

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Olivia Learns of Dillon's Dirty Dealings

While the others are busy with books and nightmares, Olivia wants answers about why Springer came after her, so she decides to pay him a visit in the hospital. Alas, Springer's mother is not a fan of Olivia or the Matheson family, and the woman lashes out at Olivia. Remy's dad intervenes and Olivia realizes that he knows something about why Springer's family hates her family. Remy's dad tells Olivia that Papa Matheson -- who was once an attorney -- put Springer's father in jail. Springer apparently learned about this and now has it out for her family.

When Olivia finally gets in to see Springer, she hears a recording on his phone in which he mentions planting the knife, but she cannot hear who he is talking to. She gives the recording to Caleb to analyze, but it yields no results. But Olivia gets her own results when she sneaks back into Springer's room later on and the boy awakens. She asks him why he planted the knife on her property, and Springer says he did it all because Dillon made him.

Collins Keeps Creepin'

We do not see much of Collins in this week's episode, but he does stop by the hospital to see Springer. Olivia spots Collins going into Springer's room, and as soon as Collins leaves, Springer develops a nice blood-clot. Did Collins try to kill Springer? Or did Collins' actions cause Springer to wake up? Is Collins trying to help Olivia get to the truth?

What Will Happen to Miranda?

While out in the real world, Miranda begins to experience odd disturbances. She has flashbacks to the crash in which she lost her life and has a vision of a creepy little girl I can only assume is creepy Max. Was Beatrice right to warn Miranda against destroying her jar? Was Collins keeping Miranda safe by keeping her trapped at Collins' place? If so, why are the spirits safe at Collins' place but nowhere else?

What did you think of this week's episode? Will the Cursed Five manage to defeat the preacher and break the pact that sealed their fate? Will Olivia learn that Tess is also in on whatever Dillon and Springer are up to? And will poor Remy finally get some uninterrupted sleep? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.
Ravenswood airs Tuesday nights at 9pm on ABC Family.

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