'Raising Hope' Returns, Single-Dad Style
'Raising Hope' Returns, Single-Dad Style
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Raising Hope is back from its mid-winter break, and the show is as inappropriately funny as ever.

Nothing much seems to have changed since the last time we saw the Chance family. Jimmy remains the good-but-innocent (or ignorant?) father. Virginia and Burt continue to offer their supportive and totally dysfunctional help. Maw Maw is still senile. And little Hope is still the cutest, most hilariously expressive baby on television.

All of that is just fine, since Raising Hope is the rare type of show that you don't want to change.

This is a show that mines big laughs from its characters' small lives: the new episode, "Romeo & Romeo," spends pretty much the entire story on Jimmy's quest for a new friend. The conscientious father is trying to distance himself from Javier and Marcus -- a sensible precaution since their idea of fun includes driving around with Hope on the car roof.

Naturally, Jimmy turns to Sabrina for mature-friend help. She delivers Justin, another young and single dad who is everything Jimmy ever dreamed of in a man. The friendship does get off to a rocky start, thanks to Jimmy's lack of phone skills.

While Jimmy and Justin do eventually arrange a play date (for their babies, of course) and then a dinner, things do not go smoothly for the new friends. The "Romeos" in the title refer to the Sabrina part of the episode, but that is definitely only the tip of the iceberg.

The conflict is, as always, brief. They're inept, but the Chance family is far too nice for ongoing fighting. And that's the secret of the show: Raising Hope works because, no matter how awful they behave, everyone is a nice person.

A few of the episode's highlights:
  • Jimmy can't speak Spanish. I mean he really can't speak Spanish.
  • Maw Maw is exceptionally skilled. But only when lucid.
  • Fake crab salad might actually be a thing.
  • You don't need a touchtone phone when you have musical instruments around.
  • A website mentioned in the episode, painfreetweezers.com, does not exist. I checked.

Are you looking forward to watching Raising Hope? Do you want Jimmy to find a friend? Leave a comment below to share your opinion!

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