Pussycat Dolls Present Girlicious: Episode 7 "Star Quality" Recap
Pussycat Dolls Present Girlicious: Episode 7 "Star Quality" Recap
I'm sure many of you were crying into your feather boas when Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious was nothing but a clip show last week.  It feels like it's been ages since Robin Antin has forced the girls to shimmy and shake to booty-busting pop hits, so let me remind you what happened on the last original episode:  After being edited to appear like a lazy girl who sits around eating junk food all the time, Jenna was sent home.  According to the judges, she had decent vocals, but just didn't have the right vibe for Girlicious.

Tonight's episode finds the remaining contestants being tested on their ability to connect with the camera.  Which unlucky girl will have her boa taken away this time?

Carrie is worried about Robin's continuous insistence that she doesn't fit in with the group, while Chrystina is freaking out over the fact that she's been in the bottom two for a couple of weeks.  With only six girls left, will either of them make it into Girlicious?

This week's challenge is all about star quality.  If you don't look good on camera, you're a useless shell of a human being who should never be allowed to perform in public!  Well, the Pussycat Dolls don't actually phrase it that way while introducing the challenge, but it's implied.  Robin puts Tiffanie, Charlye, and Chrystina in a group this week, which will cause maximum drama since they don't particularly like each other.  They're going to perform a song called "Thirteen Men," which has been used in the live Pussycat Dolls show for ten years. Nichole, Natalie, and Carrie will be singing "Sway," also by the Pussycat Dolls.

In rehearsals, choreographer Mikey Minden is trying to figure out if Carrie is a "blender."  She sings too loudly, stands out too much, and is lacking a setting for "purée," all of which point to her not being a blender.  The other group is also having trouble blending, but that's probably because they hate each other.  Robin tells them that they need to bond.  Break out the Candy Land, the Häagen-Dazs, and the DVD of The Princess Bride, because it's time for a slumber party!  Not really though.  In reality, the girls are just going to continue to seethe and hope they make it through the challenge alive.

The next morning, Robin kidnaps the girls and takes them to the marina for a video shoot.  Her brother, Steven Antin, will be filming the very first Girlicious music video on a fancy yacht.  The girls will be tested on how well they connect with the camera, both individually and in groups.

During the group shoot, Charlye shakes her booty like a true professional, but Chrystina can't seem to stand out.  In the solo part of the challenge, Tiffanie, Natalie, Charlye and Nichole do well, while the other girls have trouble with their lip syncing.  Robin stops by later and runs a rough cut of the video, the basic theme of which seems to be "Skanks on a Boat."  There's lots of lip syncing and booty-shaking, just as you'd expect. Charlye is deemed the winner of the competition for her fabulous seduction of the camera.  She'll be safe from elimination this week.

Everything seems to point to Carrie going home this week.  She's having trouble toning down her rocker style during rehearsals, which vocal coach Kenn Hicks has a serious problem with.  Then again, Chrystina is also having trouble dealing with her flaming hatred of Tiffanie and Charlye.  I knew they should have played some Candy Land.

It may not be Candy Land, but Chrystina has found an interesting way to bond with Natalie:  they bathe together!  Bathing with a friend may be A-OK when you're about three-years-old, but this is a little bit weird. I'm not a girl though, so maybe this is a perfectly normal way for two young ladies to hang out.  After soaking with Natalie for a while, Chrystina says she's found the strength to kick butt in the competition.

It's performance time, and the girls are wearing more sequins than anyone ever should.  With a fake boat called the "U.S.S. Girlicious" on stage, the "Thirteen Men" group goes first.  Tiffanie and Charlye stand out with their charisma, while Chrystina does a great job on the vocals.

Next up is "Sway," which is a slower, more seductive number.  The judges think that Carrie has great vocal chops, but they thought her performance was lacking a certain energy.  Natalie receives the same criticism, but Nichole completely delivered.

Carrie and Natalie are in the bottom two this week.  The judges think that the competition is stressing Natalie out too much, while Carrie may work better as a solo artist.  In the end, Carrie gets her feather boa taken away.  She will not be a part of Girlicious.

Check back tomorrow for our exclusive interview with rocker girl Carrie.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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