Pushing Daisies: Episode 2.3 "Bad Habits" Recap
Pushing Daisies: Episode 2.3 "Bad Habits" Recap
A little change of venue tonight on Pushing Daisies.  The entire episode took place at Olive's new home, the European nunnery.  You have to love a show with undercover Vatican police.  Especially when a large black man like Emerson Cod calls himself Italian.  Pushing Daisies continues to be as much fun as any other TV show on the air.  Now, all we have to do is get people to watch it.  Pushing Daisies is likely in danger of being canceled, folks.  The show has premiered early in the season to depressingly low ratings.  Please – recruit friends to watch the show.  We need Pushing Daisies.

Young Olive Snook as a nine-year-old.  She wanted an Arabian stallion.  So, she decided to take an oversized pick axe to her backyard, and dig herself all the way to the other side of the world.  Now, at the Nunnery on the other side of the world, Olive is contemplating her lot in life, what she's doing there at the nunnery.  All of a sudden, Sister LaRue falls from the bell tower to her death. 

Chuck, wearing what appears to be a blonde wig (she looks good), discusses her family history.  Little does she know – her real mother is Lily.  She goes to a genealogist to fill in her family tree.  The blonde wig is a cover. 

Olive returns back home and asks for Emerson's help.  She needs help in proving that her sister at the nunnery did not commit suicide.  The sisters do not allow drop-ins.  Emerson will have to sneak in.  Despite Olive's wishes against it, Emerson brings Ned and Chuck.  They all dress as either nuns or priests.  Emerson says he's from the Vatican.  He even says he's Italian.  Well, part-Italian, says Ned.

Sister LaRue might have been upset about the truffle harvest.  Olive has penance to complete, so Ned and Emerson go to wake up Sister LaRue.  She uses a lot of expletives. She's not happy about there being no afterlife,  Nun on the run – Ned manages to kill her again, but first they learned that LaRue was pushed off the ledge, and whoever did it stole her diamonds. 

Chuck looks through her family tree.  Chuck accidentally looked through Olive's file at the convent.  Chuck can feel Olive's iciness towards her.  Walking through the halls, Chuck and Ned discover a fake door.  Sister Mary walks out suspiciously.  Olive learns about the murder.  Emerson questions Olive about LaRue.  Everyone liked her, Olive knew nothing of the diamonds.  Emerson finds a secret cabinet in LaRue's room.  It is full of forbidden goods.  Her roommate shows up and admits that that LaRue was running goods for her sisters (like Red in The Shawshank Redemption). 

Chuck distracts Mother Superior while Ned and Emerson check out the secret room.  Emerson breaks through some bricks, finds LaRue's secret passageway in and out.  They go through LaRue's secret door and find themselves in some sort of restaurant kitchen.  A big, scary man butcher wails on some meat, is all bloody, and then sidles up to Ned and Emerson.  The guy is Swiss-German, and he ties up Ned and Emerson.  He then breaks down and cries.

He was an acclaimed chef.  He opened a restaurant next to the nunnery.  He and LaRue formed a symbiotic relationship – she brought him awesome truffles, he gave her earthly possessions.  Then they fell in love, and had a torrid affair.  He makes Emerson and Ned food – but LaRue had written a note to him that told him they were done and that he was a vile man.  The “diamonds” they were talking about were actually Italian White Truffles.  Emerson and Ned think that the chef was scorned and then murdered LaRue.

Olive throws down the gauntlet with Ned.  Olive admits to harboring a secret.  Olive won't tell, but she'll let Ned guess.  They play charades, pretty much.  Olive leads Ned to a picture of old nuns.  Ned figures it out – Lily is Chuck's real mom. 

Ned finds Chuck.  Ned wants to tell Chuck about what he just found out.  Chuck is having trouble with her life – she's stuck, she's caught in-between.  She might want to go back to death, have Ned touch her.  Chuck is in bad shape.

Olive, with Emerson, approaches Mother Superior, she accuses Superior of faking the break-up note.  Superior turns the table and informs Emerson that she did some research and she knows they aren't really Vatican police. 

Ned confesses – he talks about praying for his father to return to him after being sent away to boarding school.  The priest tells Ned to rectify his past, then tells takes him away. 

Olive finds out that the priest, Father Ed, was the one who pushed LaRue off the bell tower.  She knows this because of the bat crap on his laundry (the bell tower if full of bat poo). 

Chuck, up at the bell tower, discovers LaRue's secret truffle laboratory.  But, then she falls and she holds onto the ledge.  

Olive runs away, hinds inside the tower.  Chuck hangs off the side of the bell tower.  Olive makes it to the top of the Bell Tower and, with the help of Pigby, helps Chuck back into the bell tower. 

LaRue was hired by a big food company to make great Italian truffles.  The product failed, so when she found out about the truffle farm at the nunnery, she signed up and started truffle research.   She had a romance with the chef, but Superior witnessed their affair and the truffle riches that were to come.  Father Ed found out about all this, and told LaRue that what she had done was wrong, and that she should leave.  As she was about to leave, she was pushed out of the bell tower by Pigby.  Father Ed thought it was because of him.  But, Chuck saw Pigby's hooves – it was definitely the pig that pushed LaRue – who was evil anyway.

That's a lot of story for an end of an episode.  Olive and Ned make up.  Olive decides to head back home.  Ned says that he's going to tell Chuck the secret about her mother.  Olive is going to take Pigby home with her.  Back home, Ned tells Chuck the secret.  She cries,  but they are tears of joy.  Ned is happy.  She can finally fill in her family tree. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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