[VIDEO] 'Psych: The Musical' Sneak Peek: 5 Reasons it's the Best Episode Yet
[VIDEO] 'Psych: The Musical' Sneak Peek: 5 Reasons it's the Best Episode Yet
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
After years of anticipation, Psych fans are finally getting their wish for a musical episode when Psych: The Musical airs this Sunday. BuddyTV was able to see the episode early and we've got 5 reasons why it's the best one yet. 

All Music, All The Time

Unlike other TV shows that may say their doing a musical episode - but really just throw in a few numbers here and there amongst the reality of a regular episode - Psych: The Musical takes their title to heart. Watching this episode, fans will feel transported into another world where suddenly everyone is singing. There's not a whole lot of explanation as to why - which is half the fun. 

The Most Talented Cast, Like, Ever

If you've been a fan of Psych for very long, then you already know that the cast of this show (especially its two stars) like to belt out the occasional tune, both on screen and off. But once you've see them singing nearly every line of an episode, you simply cannot appreciate the talent that they all have. Everyone on the cast (except for one who we shall not reveal so as not to ruin the surprise) sings their heart out and does a damn fine job at it. 

There's Dancing, Too!

In addition to the wonderful singing talents that the cast has, there are also a few who display some dancing talents as well. Shawn and Lassie doing a tango and Gus and Lassie doing a tap routine are just a couple of the dancing highlights from the episode. Much like the singing, the dance numbers pop up out of the blue and happen in locations you may not expect. 

The Chemistry Is Still There

This show is all about the chemistry between all of the characters. Whether it's Shawn and Gus' bromance, or Shawn and Lassie's love/hate (okay, mostly hate) relationship, all of it is represented in song. If you thought that Shawn and Gus are hilarious when they are having one of the famous debates, just wait until you hear them sing one of those debates. The same goes for all of the characters. The chemistry is still there and is even better when it is done to music. 

References Galore

It wouldn't be an episode of Psych if it wasn't full of pop culture and movie references and this episode is no different. Actually, there is one difference - in addition to all the normal movie and pop culture references, musical lovers will spy a number of musical references as well. If you're game is to spot as many references as you can in any episode of Psych, you're going to have a field day with this one. 

Check out a clip from Psych: The Musical below. 

Psych: The Musical airs on Sunday, Dec. 15 at 9pm on USA. 

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