'Psych' Videos from Comic-Con: Check Out What the Cast and Producers Have to Say About Next Season
'Psych' Videos from Comic-Con: Check Out What the Cast and Producers Have to Say About Next Season
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Over the past several years, Psych has become a regular fixture at the San Diego Comic-Con. SDCC audiences have responded well to the zany, weird show, and every panel is packed. This year, BuddyTV had a chance to meet with the cast and producers of Psych. Check out what they have to say in these videos.

WARNING: The contents of these videos and the textual commentary which accompanies them definitely constitute Psych spoilers. That is, after all, what you get at Comic-Con. On the other hand, these Psych videos are very funny. Make your choice wisely.

Before you get a chance to watch the videos themselves, how about a few Psych season 7 spoilers from the show's Comic-Con presentation?

  • There will be a double-length musical episode at some point in the future of Psych. It is possible that not all of the cast will actually sing, but most seem very excited about the prospect.
  • Love will be in the air for pretty much all of the Psych characters. We can expect the return of Kristy Swanson as Lassiter's jailbird love interest, in addition to the continued relationship between Shawn and Juliet.
  • Despite what may be said by some in these videos, it's very, very unlikely (for a lot of reasons) that Henry Spencer died at the end of the last season.

Now for the videos. I do have to apologize in advance for the quality (or lack thereof) in the videos you're going to see. It's really, really hard to film people sitting right next to you with a small camcorder and no help, OK?

Also, there may be some language that could be too adult for the more innocent of watchers. That's from some of the other reporters in the area. We can't control them.

Psych-CC2012Press1.JPGJames Roday and Dule Hill

The two stars of Psych chatted with press together in this video.

  • Dule Hill's mother who called in the middle of the **Psych Comic-Con panel.
  • Dule Hill ate pizza throughout most of his interview. Apparently, he was hungry.
  • The 'Psych' Guide to Crime-Fighting for the Totally Unqualified should be released at some point in the near future.
  • I have no idea who Sara is.

Psych-CC2012Press2.JPGExecutive Producers Steve Franks, Kelly Kulchak and Chris Henze

Psych-CC2012Press3.JPGTimothy Omundson and Maggie Lawson

  • The actors in this video (and the next one) are watching themselves being filmed in a computer screen opposite them.

Psych-CC2012Press4.JPGCorbin Bernsen and Kirsten Nelson

That is the author's finger at the beginning of the video.

Psych season 7 is currently in production. USA has not announced the season 7 premiere date.