'Psych' Season 6 Premiere Review: Same Show, Same Good Times
'Psych' Season 6 Premiere Review: Same Show, Same Good Times
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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After far too long an absence from TV, Psych finally returns on October 12 with new episodes for its sixth season. The upcoming season boasts a wealth of themed episodes (vampires, Indiana Jones and The Shining among them) and just about every '80s-era guest star you can imagine. And it all begins with the season 6 premiere, "Shawn Saves Darth Vader."

So how do Shawn, Gus and the rest of the Psych crew fare in their initial return?

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If there is a major flaw in the premiere episode, it's that "Shawn Saves Darth Vader" isn't the over-the-top, high-profile, big-event type of episode we've come to expect from our season premieres. There aren't any huge guest stars (Malcolm McDowell is the big name in this, and he's in everything). The crime is a pretty run-of-the-mill murder. The Darth Vader reference is to a toy, not the actual Sith Lord from Star Wars.

That's not to imply that "Shawn Saves Darth Vader" is a bad episode of Psych. On the contrary, it's quite good. The jokes flow constantly throughout each character's banter, Shawn's "psychic" histrionics are limited, and even the solution to the complicated crime makes perfect sense.

It's just that the Psych season 6 premiere doesn't feel like a premiere. As an episode 4 of a season, we would have nothing but praise for it.

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Thus, it's time to stop with the complaining and to start with the celebrating. Psych is finally back, after all, and there are many, many good reasons to be happy about this.

Some of the best bits:

  • Woody the Medical Examiner (Kurt Fuller) is back in all of his creepy-weird hilarity. He provides some important information on the murder victim, as well as some extremely unimportant theories on what happened. We're talking "replicant robots" and "she paid someone to kill her" as possibilities.
  • Timothy Omundsen's Detective Lassiter is at his menacing best in this episode. While sometimes simply a figure of fun, it's good that Psych at least occasionally remembers that this is a supposedly intelligent detective with six years of backstory.
  • Speaking of Lassiter, Psych doesn't try to make us buy that the detective is stupid enough to not know that Shawn and Juliet are dating. He knows.
  • A polygraph machine features prominently throughout the episode -- three of the main characters end up strapped to it at various points in "Shawn Saves Darth Vader." Shawn, as you might imagine, is among them and makes a huge admission during his test.

"Shawn Saves Darth Vader" may not be the over-the-top insanity-fest we might have wanted for Psych's season 6 premiere, but it's still a pretty great episode of one of TV's funniest shows.

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