Project Runway: Why Kenley Collins Should Win
On Thursday night, Project Runway will crown a new winner. The final three are Leanne Marshall, Korto Momolu, and Kenley Collins. On last week’s episode, the judges had decided that no one was safe and demanded that the final four contestants complete one more challenge before making it to Fashion Week. In each designer’s collection, they had to construct a wedding dress and for their final challenge, they had to design a bridesmaid dress to compliment it. The panel decided to eliminate Jerell Scott, who had scored the highest in the previous week’s challenge, leaving all women in the final three. As we gear up for the finale, we’ll take a look at each designer and assess why they could be the one to win season 5 of Project Runway. Today, we take a look at outspoken designer Kenley Collins.

First, let's start off with the facts.  Kenley did win only one challenge this season, the Bright Lights Big City challenge, but she has been in the group with the highest scores 5 times.  Her best challenges were: The Grass Is Always Greener, Welcome To The Jungle, Double 0 Fashion, Transformation, and Finale Part 1 (Bridesmaid).  Kenley has landed in the top group 1  more time than Leanne and she has found herself in the lowest group twice, the same amount of times as Korto.  In many ways, when you look at the facts, it looks dead even between the three women.

Here is a photo of one of Kenley's designs from Fashion Week:

Let's talk opinions now.  I liked Kenley's point of view and designs from the get go.  I'm such a fan of that throwback 1940s look and while she may not be the most original designer who ever walked this Earth, she has put several designs on the runway that I would buy.  Though she can come across as rude and whiny, I actually like that Kenley sticks up for herself and designs.  What I think she needs to learn is a bit of humility and grace as well as the willingness to listen to those much more experienced and seasoned than she is. 

Bottom line - I have to admire a designer that stands by what she creates.  Project Runway has often crowned winners who don't play by the rules or are in the running for Miss Congeniality from Jay to Jeffrey to Christian.  This competition is not about being nice, it's about who designs the best outfits and I think Kenley has as good of a shot as anyone!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of Bravo)