Project Runway: Tim Gunn's Take on Jon Gosselin's "Style"
Hearing Tim Gunn's words on the Jon and Kate Plus 8 patriarch, I just had to laugh.  Really hard.  The Project Runway go-to guy for style recently talked about the low-down laziness of Jon Gosselin when it comes to his clothes.

It's often said you can tell a lot about a person upon seeing the way they dress.  Well, here's the father of eight.  He's usually spotted wearing incredibly loose shirts and the baggiest of jeans.  That is, if he's eager to get dressed at all.  He's already been spotted going around sporting a bare chest and that belly of his.

If anyone was insulted by the sight of Jon Gosselin walking around like that, it's Tim Gunn.  The style guru talked to Us Weekly about some tips he had for the reality TV dad, and bottom line is, he needs a change.  The point is, size does matter.

"In his case, everything is too big," Tim Gunn said at the Addressing Psoriasis Fashion Show in New York City.  He might as well be referring to Jon Gosselin's ego.

"It is what I refer to as the slobification of America," the Project Runway mentor continued.  "If you want to dress to feel as though you never got out of bed, then don't get out of bed."

Should Jon Gosselin even get out of bed at all?  Perhaps the guys behind the Ed Hardy shirts could take Tim's comments into account as they drag in the Gosselin to promote their clothing line.  But we doubt Jon can "make it work."

Despite the fashion failure of this Jon and Kate Plus 8 star, his other half is proving to be better in Tim Gunn's eyes.  He admitted to the publication that he was more "accepting" of Kate Gosselin's tastes, particularly her notorious asymmetrical hairdo.

"If that's the way she wants to present herself, then she's doing a good job," Gunn said.  Still, he wouldn't agree to give her a makeover.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Us Weekly
(Image Courtesy of Lifetime/Just Jared)