'Project Runway' Star Chris March Sues Beyonce's Designers
Fashion fierce and Sasha Fierce.  We just saw Chris March again during the premiere of Project Runway season 6 when he competed on the All-Star Challenge, and now he's back on the news again.  The designer, originally introduced during the fourth season, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the costume designers of R&B singer Beyonce.

Wait, it was just last week that my friends were sending me messages wondering if the musician died.  I didn't really pay much attention since the rumors were false, but hearing how she's involved in Project Runway madness days after that just kind of creeps me out.  Anyway, E! News reports that Chris March is going up against her designers (but not Beyonce herself) because they failed to pay him for the costumes used during her world tour.

The Project Runway designer's lawyer, Leslie Ben-Zvi, told the publication: "Chris March's lawsuit is not against Beyoncé, but rather against Thierry Mugler and Tancrede Prinz, who owe Chris money for having designed and fitted Beyonce's costumes."

The suit was filed last July 23, and states that March is seeking around $45,000 for the wardrobe services he provided.  It goes on to say that Mugler hired March as "head of costumes" for Beyoncé's tour back in February.  The job was "to create, pattern, fit and deliver finished costumes" for the musician.

Several months later, the invoices sent by Chris March to Mugler were left unpaid.  Now the Project Runway 4 star who placed fourth in the competition is looking for the money which is rightfully his.  Well, fashion certainly comes with a price.

Despite all the trouble though, March's lawyer admits that the designer bears no grudges against one of his favorite R&B performers.  "Chris continues to be a big fan and admirer of Beyonce," Zvi explained.  "And Beyonce is a big fan of Chris' as well.  She continues to look beautiful in anything she wears, especially Chris' costumes."  Hmm, it's probably because it takes a superstar to pull off designs like those made with real human hair.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! Online
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