'Project Runway' Season 15: Breaking Down the Looks of 'Finale Part 2'
'Project Runway' Season 15: Breaking Down the Looks of 'Finale Part 2'
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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In episode 14 of Project Runway, the designers got to show their final collections at New York Fashion Week. Each collection had 10 looks and had to exemplify the designers' skill and aesthetic. Let's take a look at the best piece from each collection from "Finale Part 2."

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Fourth Place


PR_Ep14_Rik.jpgIn my opinion, Rik had a strong collection, full of intricate details and embroidery on denim. This was his main piece though, which is lacking a certain amount of runway pizzazz. While all his clothes were wearable and cohesive, there was no statement piece. The judges did congratulate him on improving his collection by making it more sexy and current from the first samples they saw.

Third Place


PR_Ep14_Laurence.jpgLaurence had a strong chance of winning this whole competition, but the judges were somewhat bored with her final collection. I think if more of the pieces had been like this stunner, with the clash of leather and mesh, they would have been more impressed. They were looking for something cooler and edgier, like Laurence. They did get some of that energy in this last dress, but not enough of it in the rest of the collection.

Runner Up


PR_Ep14_Roberi.jpgRoberi really had to stick to his guns when it came to his collection and follow his own voice when the judges were telling him to go in different directions. This is by far the most beautiful piece of his collection and perfectly exemplifies the way he juxtaposed shiny fabrics on the bottom with a harsher fabric for a jacket on the top. He was good to ditch those loafers too; those red strappy heels are the perfect complement to his clothes.



PR_Ep14_Erin.jpgErin ended the show on a very "Erin" note. The embroidered bananas are fun and playful, just like the rest of her collection, while still managing to be hip and quite current. The judges gave Erin the win because of her brave creativity and believe that she's going to be a strong voice in fashion in the future.

What do you think? Who had your favorite collection? Did Erin deserve the win? Do you think her clothes are wearable? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments.

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