'Project Runway' Recap: Best of 'All About Nina'
'Project Runway' Recap: Best of 'All About Nina'
The designers on Project Runway this week are put to the challenge of creating an ensemble for Nina Garcia to wear on a day at the office that could transition into an outfit for an event in the evening. Kimberly's winning design will be worn by Nina herself, and featured in a Marie Claire ad campaign atop NYC taxis. Guest judges this week include Joanna Coales, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire magazine, and actress Kerry Washington.

Double Dare

Trouble surfaces from the very beginning of the episode while the designers shop for their materials. Becky and Anthony realize that they have chosen the exact same printed fabric and neither is willing to trade it in to find something new. Of course for added effect the visionaries behind the show choose to put the matching designs back to back on the runway, hoping to make things interesting, but the judges don't even mention it.

Directly Nina

The Fashion Director of Marie Claire magazine is on fire tonight, producing the most entertainingly direct feedback I have ever seen on the show. For example, Kimberly, known for expertly creating striking and fabulous pants, voices her desire to step out of her comfort zone and make Nina a dress. Nina simply replies by saying, "I would love a pair of your pants." And while another designer shows Nina her sketches, Nina just looks at them and says, "I love this. But can you make it?"

Joanna Wants a Taste, Too

As if Nina's harsh words weren't enough, guest judge Joanna Coales is also handing out cruel critiques to the bottom designers. Her top three hateful comments of the night all fit with the same introduction: "If Nina came in to the office wearing that..." and finished with one of the following: 1. I would think she was ill. 2. ...everybody would be talking behind her back. 3. I would think she was asking to be fired. Geez Joanna, tone it down a little, will you?

Julie Truly Loses

Julie's straight-out-of-star-Trek "droat" (dress/coat -Joanna) is unquestionably hideous from my point of view, but the decision to send her packing is controversial for a number of reasons. The judges frequently discuss the fact that Cecilia, the other bottom choice, comes up with one of the worst designs every episode, and when she is told she is still in the running, she goes back into the room and basically admits she doesn't care to be on the show anymore. What is even more shocking is the designers who were safe and sent from the stage first deliberate about who they think is in the bottom vs. the top, and they can't make up their mind about Julie! If a team of designers think her outfit has the potential to qualify for a winning slot, does she really deserve to go home?

In an otherwise strictly routine show, this week's episode finishes off with an uplifting twist. Kimberly's winning outfit is shown, worn by Nina on a day in the office when she also has an event to attend that evening. As Kimberly leaves the office, the cab they call for her has her look on its ad space, and she gets to ride it home.

Alyssa Stein
Contributing Writer

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