Project Runway: Preview of Episode 4 "What a Woman Wants"
Thirteen lucky (or not so much) women get a chance to have their clothes designed by a designer from this season of Project Runway.  Once again, the designers have to take their clients' preferences into consideration, while keeping their personal styles apparent in the finished product.

We've heard of this challenge before, but as with the usual Project Runway fare, a surprising twist is bound to be in store.  Unfortunately, that might just ruin your viewing experience so you'll have to wait and just watch the episode, titled "What a Woman Wants."

Can the designers give these ladies what their fashion-thirsty minds desire?  From the preview it looks doubtful, as client and designer just don't see eye-to-eye.

Speaking of differences in opinion, we got to see the guys play the game in teams of two on the previous episode of Project Runway.  We were expecting some major catty carnage because working with others is no easy feat, and it was delivered.  Then again, seeing Tim Gunn in a blazer and flipflops probably managed to lighten the mood.

The sun was up last episode titled "Rumble on the Runway" and it was "fun and fashionable" surf wear as a challenge for the designers.  That's not enough, since the hairstyle was an important element for the entire look.

Ra'mon and team leader Mitchell were mostly the focus of the episode, since they're the ones who hardly got along.  Thanks to that edit, we already knew the outcome of the episode.  Well, the others - particularly Qristyl and Epperson - weren't forming long-lasting friendships themselves.

Things took a turn for the worse when the designers were asked to create a second look, to which Ra'mon replies: "Capital W-T-F!"  It was definitely tough for him, since Mitchell's mind was as scattered as cut-up cloth in the workroom.  Ra'mon ended up pulling the weight for the challenge, working on both designs.  After all that trouble, the only consolation would be winning.  Thankfully he did win, leading to Mitchell's elimination.

For tonight, another designer will be auf'd as a new challenge takes place.  Don't miss "What a Woman Wants" tonight, as Project Runway airs at 10pm on Lifetime.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Lifetime
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