Project Runway: Preview of Episode 3 "Rumble on the Runway"
Tonight's episode of Project Runway will reportedly house "the biggest challenge yet," which was definitely added to entice the fans.  Well, they didn't need to tell us that.  Seeing the preview with Tim Gunn donning a blazer and flip-flops in the beach would be enough to draw in the viewers.  Is this some new rule of fashion we haven't heard yet?

For "Rumble on the Runway," it looks as though the designers are getting a change of scenery.  They're headed for some sun and surf to face another stage in the competition.  Catch the previews from E! Online below.

Also for this California-themed challenge, the designers will be working in teams.  No wonder it's going to be difficult.  In competitions like this, you just have to look out for yourself.  Unfortunately, the external forces brought about by Tim Gunn just won't allow that entirely.

If the pressure of that isn't enough to break down the contestants, there's the introduction of the guest judge.  Last week we had Rebecca Romjin, stunning the designers with her presence.  Now, however, we've got another celebrity lending her fashion expertise to the guys.  Yep, it's actress Rachel Bilson from the hit drama The O.C.  Heidi Klum introduces her as a designer too, since she has created her own brand Edie Rose.

But the spotlight this week will be on the winning designer, or designers, for the challenge.  On the previous Project Runway episode, the remaining contestants had to create maternity clothes for mommy Rebecca Romjin.  Winner Shirin got immunity for the next challenge, but it was Malvin Vein who had to suffer elimination.

For tonight's episode, is it possible for two designers to get the not-so-fashionable boot?   Working in teams could be excruciating for the guys, but they'll have to deal with the stress if they want to make it.  Don't forget to watch the third installment of this season of Project Runway, titled "Rumble in the Runway" tonight at 10pm Lifetime.  As usual, there's Models of the Runway right after.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Lifetime, E! Online
(Image Courtesy of Lifetime)