Project Runway: J-Lo a No Show At Finale
The oversized tent at Bryant Park in New York City can hold 900 people and was filled to capacity for Project Runway's final runway show today.  There was the usual excitement in the air, but there was a little extra something, with the buzz that A-list star and fashion icon Jennifer Lopez was going to be the guest judge.  Imagine everyone's surprise and disappointment when Heidi Klum took the stage to welcome everyone and then drop the bomb that J-Lo bailed out the night before.  With her cancellation coming so late, Project Runway was hard pressed to find a celeb that would get to Bryant Park by 9am for the show.  They had no choice but to look to their own and make Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn a judge for the first time in the show's history - and nobody was complaining!

Bravo was nice enough to make some room so that I could attend the event and it was my second time at a Project Runway finale.  When Heidi announced that J-Lo wasn't coming, there was no audible reaction from the crowd but when Tim joined her on the runway, the place went crazy.  He has never been a judge on any Project Runway challenge because, as the mentor to the designers, he could be biased and certainly, would have more information than the other judges heading into the runway presentation.  Still, Tim promised to be completely objective and take his duty as a finale judge very seriously. 

Jennifer Lopez had to cancel her appearance with the show due to a foot injury.  While the media and fans may be able to understand her cancelling due to an injury, they were puzzled to find out that she plans on running a triathlon this weekend.  "She had a slight injury," Lopez's rep told E! Online. "She will definitely be doing the triathlon. She does not want to let down her charity and all the people who have supported her."  Lopez has been trying to get on Project Runway for quite some time now, so it's a bit surprising that she ended up being a no show. 

Stay tuned all next week for reports from the Project Runway season 5 finale!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer