Project Runway: Episode 5.8 "Double O Fashion" Recap
Previously on Project Runway, the designers had to struggled with recycled materials. Leanne won the challenged and earned immunity for tonight's challenge. Keith was auf'd and went back to Utah.

Tonight's Project Runway begins in the morning at the apartment. Stella, bless her heart, makes very strong coffee, while Blayne tries in vain to tan himself through the window. At Parson's, Heidi Klum brings out a special guest, who happens to be our very own Tim Gunn. Tim gathers together his flock of designers to bring them to meet a fashion legend.

They walk down the street (maybe Mary-Kate Olsen's street?) in the meatpacking district. They go to a beautiful show room and are greeted by none other than the magnificent Diane Von Furstenberg. All the designers are in awe of her, and Kenley even starts crying. The challenge tonight is for the designers to create a look for Diane's fall collection, inspired by the film A Foreign Affair, starring Marlene Dietrich. The winning ensemble will be produced and sold exclusively to American Express cardmembers, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

The designers get to raid Diane's sample room for fabrics, and head back to their workroom to get started. Joe and Blayne badmouth Terri for trotting out the same pants-and-blazer look that she's been doing every week.

And now….. cue Diane Von Furstenberg's American Express ad.

Three hours before the end of the day, Tim Gunn checks in with everyone. He's not getting Suede's camouflage-y dress and vest combo. Leanne has a long gown with a cropped trench coat. Joe has a backless mandarin style top and a hooded shawl. Tim gives some pointers on Korto's placement of yellow on her dress. Stella has a pants-cape-vest ensemble. Tim likes Kenley's simple dress, but is a little bit surprised that that's all she has.

The next day, Terri still doesn't have a blouse for her model yet. Everyone else has a lot of unfinished work as well, except for Kenley because she only made one dress.

Let the runway show begin! The judges present are Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Fern Mallis (filling in for Nina Garcia) and, of course, Diane Von Furstenberg. Oh my gosh, I didn't notice Blayne's look in the work room, but here on the runway, I see that he's made these bulbous shorts that balloon out around the thigh and taper at the knee. I'm a little bit horrified.

Terri, Jerell and Blayne land in the middle. They'll be back next week. The remaining six designers have the highest and the lowest scores. Korto's print halter and little jacket go over very well with the judges. The judges don't like the sloppiness of Joe's backless top. Heidi likes Kenley's dress, but thought it was too easy to make just one dress. (Kenley annoyingly keeps interrupting Heidi.) The other judges love her dress. Diane thinks Stella's look is too Dracula and sloppily tailored, and everyone likes Leanne's gown and trench coat. Suede flounders trying to defend his pieces, but the judges are so right about how the whole thing just doesn't work.

The judges deliberate. Korto and Kenley are in, and Leanne is the winner – her second consecutive win. (Doh, I think Korto's halter dress should have won.) And now the losers: Suede and Joe are in, and Stella is out. Bye-bye, leather lady!

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of Bravo)

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