Project Runway: Episode 5.2 Predictions
We had our first look at the designers for Project Runway 5 last week, and our first chance to get some additional information to help us make some guesses as to what will happen this season. Blayne seems poised to be the designer everyone loves to hate, but as others have pointed out, Christian Siriano was able to successfully spin sassy catchphrases and an abundance of self-confidence into a fan favorite win, so you just never know what could happen down the road.

But – other than the fan favorite vote – this is a design competition, not a personality contest. So when it came to the fashions we saw in the first episode, who looks to be at risk as we head into the second episode and who seems like a strong early contender on Project Runway 5?

Right now, I see Suede, Jerrell, Blayne, Stella and Joe as having some potential weaknesses based on their first episode outfits.

Suede might have the magical reality trait of talking about himself in the third person, but his dress didn't live up to his own hype. The tube dress silhouette was simple, the use of fabric was too straightforward, and his attempts at making it more creative were simply to add decorative bits of blue plastic. It wasn't a failure of a dress, but it didn't show the innovation or taste level the judges are going to be looking for.

Jerrell's dress did show a more thoughtful construction, but the aesthetic of it seemed a little questionable. His mismatch design seemed more cluttered than fashion-forward (contrasted against how Kenley, for example, used the same fabric in a much more effective manner), and his use of the decorative flowers seemed a little home-crafty.

Speaking of home crafty, I'm not exactly sure what to think of Joe's, so I'm putting him on the list in case he continues in the vein of his first effort. His use of the tomato print oven mitts and the pasta was just a little too literal, I think, for the level of sophistication the judges are looking for. It's possible it was ironic and intentionally kitschy, in which case he might get away with things like in the future, but I couldn't tell and hence will be keeping an eye on him. The silhouette, as well, was very simple and didn't elevate the effort.

As to Blayne and Stella? I guess I don't have to spell that out to anyone who was watching. Blayne diaper/feminine-hygeine-product formal leotard and Stella's half-hearted garbage bag dress have already won the scorn of the fans. They'll have to radically step it up to stay in the game long term.

Now for the ones to watch from a positive perspective? I think Daniel, Kelli and Korto, who all landed in the top spot, might have something to offer in future episodes as well. I'd also keep an eye on Kenley, Wesley and possibly Jennifer. Their outfits might not have landed in the top, but they showed some good potential.

We'll find out more about the new batch of designers when Project Runway airs this Wednesday at its new 9pm Eastern time slot.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of Bravo)