Project Runway: Episode 5.12 Predictions
While six designers showed at Fashion Week this season of Project Runway 5, only three of them actually were still in the competition. This is the week we learn which of this season's contestants are actually our final three.

The four still in the running are Korto Momolu, who has an effortlessly sophisticated, modern and glamorous sensibility; Leanne Marshall, who also seems quite modern, with an occasional unexpected twist; Jerell Scott, who's been up and down, but who occasionally hits the nail on the head with his mix and match textures; and young Ms. Sassafras Kenley Collins, whose insistence on going retro sometimes muddies what seems to be some underlying serious creative talent. So who might be left after tomorrow's episode of Project Runway?

So far in this relatively suspense-free season, it seems pretty clear who two of the final contestants must be: Korto and Leanne have had some weak moments, but overall have been consistently stronger than the other two. If one is getting sent home this episode, that would be perhaps the only twist this season, and probably one of the least satisfying twists imaginable.

Between Jerell and Kenley, it could be in many ways a toss-up. Jerell's maturity and experience could work in his favor, but his drab palette combined with an occasionally chaotic vision might be his downfall.

Kenley's bad attitude hasn't been endearing her to just about anybody: judges, viewers, fellow desigers…even Tim Freaking Gunn lost his seemingly limitless patience with her last episode. And again, her reliance on a retro silhouette I think shows her youth. She hasn't yet fully matured out of aping the things that she likes. But you can still see her potential; if she could just rein herself in, she might be able to pull through to the final three.

We'll see what the outcome is on tomorrow's episode of Project Runway.

-Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Images courtesy of BravoTV)