Project Runway: Episode 5.10 Chic or Freak?
On Project Runway 5 this week, we were down to our last six designers: Korto Momolu, Leanne Marshall, Jerell Scott, Suede, Joe Faris and Kenley Collins. All six recently showed at Bryant Park, but not all were still in the competition. This week we learned which of the collections was merely a decoy, and which are still in the running to possibly land that top spot, and, as Jerell noted the other day, the “novelty-sized check.”

I think I officially got on Team Jerell with that statement, and it would appear many viewers have had the same reaction to him as I have: at first, not feeling incredibly impressed, but becoming starting to see more and more potential as the season continues. He emerged with a win this week, but did he also win the coveted top Chic spot?

And this week, I had to bring back the special “Eh” and “Working My Nerves” categories in order to most accurately break down my reactions. I bet you can guess who landed in the latter category.


Yes, Jerell did land in the top spot. He did a wonderful job of listening to his client and really respecting her wishes and her personality while still maintaining his own style in the designer. Jerell has been up and down for me throughout the competition, but I think he is making a good effort to listen to the judges' criticisms and make adjustments to his style. My one teeny-tiny criticism is I do wish he would sometimes lighten up from the drab color palette he seems to favor. I like those colors too, but would love to see a pop of brightness more often.

This isn't my favorite look that Korto has ever produced, but I'm still putting it in the Chic column because it although it's not quite my taste, it's still chic and thoughtful. She just has a sophisticated and intelligent approach that is head and shoulders over some of her competition.


Leanne's dress isn't that bad, but it felt like she caught a bit of the Jennifer Diederich problem of excessive frumpiness. Leanne's work has not been overtly sexy, but she has a bit of interesting darkness usually. This outfit just seems like she was afraid of bringing that edge, but unfortunately, it resulted in something inert and dull.


I must have been having a psychic moment earlier this Project Runway season when I added the Working My Nerves category as it was tailor made for Ms. Kenley Collins. I haven't minded her excessive self-confidence in the past. She's young, that kind of can go along with youth. I also think young women sometimes aren't encouraged to have the kind of arrogant bravado that can help propel them past criticism, so I kind of liked her macho self-satisfaction.

But seriously girl: it's just a cute dress with a retro flair to it. The fact that she seemed shocked that she didn't win shocked, then annoyed me. If she were making Korto or even Leanne type outfits, which have been both attractive AND demonstrating an innovative personal style, that would be one thing. But successfully reworking vintage styles into a new cute outfit, while marketable, isn't going to wow the judges and you shouldn't be surprised when it doesn't.


Two words for Joe: pocket square.

Still, once again, I think Suede should have been the one to go, and I'd rather they'd kept Joe. What is this outfit? Why does Suede seem so stuck in the most random of time periods, the early to mid-90's? His clothes do not seem to fit well and I still don't understand what his vision or style is. I loved how furious Nina Garcia was about the outfit. I feel her fashion fury.

If he makes it through another elimination on Project Runway, I'm going to eat one of Jerell's hats.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of BravoTV)