Project Runway: Episode 4.12, "Reunion" Live Thoughts
Now, part of me wishes that Project Runway waited until after the finale to do a reunion.  I would have loved to see reactions to the winner and the judges' final decision.  I'll survive.  I'll be curious to see what people think of Chris being eliminated, brought back, and make to the finals.  Or did he?  I'm sure many of the designers will sound off on Christian's personality/attitude.  I like it but I don't have to be around it 24/7.  I'd also like an update on Jack's health, who seemed to be doing well when I saw him at Fashion Week.  It's time to hear the designers spill it so keep refreshing for more live thoughts and post what you think, too!

No silly Bravo host asking questions tonight.  It's just Heidi and Tim in charge. 

I'm going to confiscate that hat from Ricky.  All in favor, say I!  Sweet P is name dropping, saying that Jack Black told her she was his favorite along with Catherine Keener and Brad Pitt.  The finalists are introduced and brought out.  Christian cut his hair.  It's not as large and in charge as usual.

Yay, we're checking in with Jack to see how he's doing.  His exit from the show was very emotional and I felt so bad that he had to leave early.  Jack says that his illness was very serious but he is better now. 

Let me say this: Victorya hates life.  She rarely smiles, jokes around, or has fun.  At Fashion Week, she was not warm at all.  She just said she was upset about Jack leaving the show.  Apparently, Jack has been offered a spot next season.  I hope he takes it!

He said it before and he'll say it again: Kevin is not gay!  Too bad Bravo has footage to prove otherwise, poking fun at his sexuality.  It was pretty funny.

Designers are asked who will win fan favorite and everyone says Chris.

Elisa just made a joke but no one laughed.  I did.  A little.  Speaking of, there's now clips of all her crazy behavior!  HA!  Love her.  More clips - this time of Ricky crying hysterically basically every time he's on camera.  He seems uncomfortable watching it but it's making me giggle a little. 

Carmen broke down when she was asked if anyone was hurt by things that were said.  The other designers comfort her.  Okay, what was said wasn't even THAT bad.  It wasn't a personal attack, just that her outfit wasn't good enough.  No need to lose it over that.  I don't think anyone intended to be mean to her.

We're getting a clip of Chris's jokes and laughs now.  It's really an infectious laugh!  I'm laughing just watching it, especially everyone's impression of him.

Heidi brings out Nina and Michael to join the group.  Clips are shown of the wrestling challenge with never before seen footage.  Michael just lost it, laughing hysterically at the models.  Oh man, that is so great!  We never would have even known that.  After, he catches a little flack for always wearing a black shirt with a black suit every day.  He's happy with the way he dresses so back off, people! 

Got a clip now of Heidi's greatest moments.  Eh, I could've done without it.

Here's a rough question: Who had the worst single design?  Nina and Michael get around it by saying that the men's challenge was bad all around.  Their favorite challenge was the hair challenge.  Tim just said that he never offers his opinion to the judges.

Time for the designers to answer questions.  Chris asks what they write on the cards.  Heidi rates the outfits while Michael makes quick notes about what he sees.  Tim asks who left before their time.  Only Jack and Chris raise their hands - but Chris got to come back so he shouldn't complain!  When a viewer knocks the judges for getting rid of Kevin in the prom challenge, they stick by their decision.  Kevin's awesome.  He just said that he would've said he should have gone instead of Christian.

Fan favorite!  The winner by a landslide is Christian!  WOO!!!  He's so amazing!  A little tribute, full of his fiercest moments, are played in his honor.

Time to wrap things up with predictions.  Sweet P goes with Rami.  Steven says it's anyone's game, giving the safe answer.  Carmen also chooses Rami.  Elisa gives her support to Jillian and Chris.  Kit is behind Jillian as does Ricky.  Victorya believes most in Christian.  Kevin feels it will be Christian or Jillian.  Marion decides that Rami should win as does Jack, who also likes Chris. 

It seems the judges have a tough decision ahead of them.  I can't wait to see who is going to win!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of Bravo)