'Project Runway' Chooses Its Season 7 Finalists
'Project Runway' Chooses Its Season 7 Finalists
With one episode (and a reunion special) left in this season of Project Runway, we now know who the Top Three are. Next week, we'll head to Bryant Park (via our small screens) to find out who designed the best collection and is the winner of Project Runway.

Tonight, Tim Gunn visited Seth Aaron, Emilio, Mila and Jay at home to see their collections in progress, and the judges narrowed down once again, seeing three pieces from both Mila's and Jay's collections and deciding whom they were "curious" to see more of at Bryant Park.

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Seth Aaron and Emilio secured their spots at Bryant Park last week, but were still subjected to Tim Gunn's tough love over the use of their brain power and $9,000 during his home visits.

First Tim visited Seth Aaron in Vancouver, WA to see his collection, which was mostly black, with heavy hardware and lots of zippers. No surprise there. What was shocking, however, was Tim Gunn jumping on a trampoline with Seth Aaron's kids--and telling Seth Aaron to "re-conceptualize" his entire collection. While he had built gorgeous clothes, Tim said, if Seth Aaron wanted to win, he needed to surprise the judges.

Next up was Emilio in New York City, whose vibrant collection was based on '40s fashion--perhaps unintentionally. Our Project Runway mentor wasn't all that pleased with Emilio's series of turquoise, red and mustard clothes, which he said "frankly, look old." But Emilio brushed off Tim's criticism, saying he had a vision and would see it through until the end.

Mila, meanwhile, stayed true to her black and white motif from throughout the season by creating a shadow-inspired collection that combined white, black and aubergine in various shapes and patterns. It got a thumbs-up from Tim, despite its conservative, even "matronly" nature, and he moved on to a San Francisco visit to Jay's home.

The fashion guru might as well have stepped into Japan, since Jay created a collection echoing Japanese samurai and geisha with a modern, feminine twist. Jay's details didn't quite work for Tim Gunn, who commented that some of Jay's clothes looked like "student work."

After four months at home working furiously on their final ten pieces, the four designers traveled to New York City to prepare for Bryant Park. But first, the unsavory task of sending either Mila or Jay home. 

After dressing their models in their three strongest looks and walking the mini-runway for the final time, Mila and Jay faced Nina, Michael and Heidi in the penultimate panel, where the judges were impressed overall by both the designers' work. Both collections were beautifully tailored with strong points of view. Michael Kors loved Jay's modern aesthetic and hip accessories, but worried his clothes were overworked. Hiedi preferred Mila's 60's retro feel "with a twist." In the end, the judges preferred to see more of Mila's designs than Jay's, and he was sent home. Despite his heartbreak, Jay called his journey on Project Runway a "validation" of his talent.

So there we have our Top Three for Project Runway's seventh season. Seth Aaron, Emilio and Mila will be back next week to showcase their full collections during the Project Runway finale, in addition to returning for a reunion episode with the rest of the cast--including Maya, whom Nina Garcia will pointedly ask why she abruptly left the show.

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Tune in for the Project Runway Reunion and "Finale Part Two" at 10pm next Thursday, April 22 on Lifetime.

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