'Project Runway' Season 8 Premiere Recap: Here Today, Gone Today
'Project Runway' Season 8 Premiere Recap: Here Today, Gone Today
Designers. . . Project Runway is back and not a moment too soon. More eyerolls from Tim. More oddly pronounced words from Heidi and who hasn't missed Nina Garcia's disapproving glare? Will we find another Santino? A Christian Siriano? A Daniel Franco? It all begins right now.

The hardest thing the producers of Project Runway have to do every year is find a way of introducing the designers that gives you a bit of background without boring you to death. Nice try, but no. This year they decided to do these strange blind-date meetups involving transportation.

AJ and Sarah meet at the airport baggage claim. Casanova, Kristin and McKell stand on a grand staircase at Grand Central Station. And I don't even understand why Mondo, Nicholas and Peach are on the ferry. Did they come over from Jersey?

All 17 designers finally merge into a single tallest to shortest line and then Heidi hits them with a sad, sad fact. None of you are on the show yet. The audition isn't over. Someone is going home tonight. Oh no!

Except, really, they are all on the show because we can see them, so does it matter if they go home before or after they unpack? Someone has to be first. Ask Daniel Franco. And first is lousy whether it's "official" or not.

For their first challenge, the designers had to make a garment using a piece of clothing given to them by another designer. They didn't know they'd have to turn their precious pieces over when they picked them, so Casanova hands over a pair of $1,000 Dolce & Gabbana pants to Valerie, who rips them to shreds. Now that's sad.

Ivy surprised everyone when she turned a pair of pants into . . . pants. Jason put a kimono on backwards and called it a day. Several other designers committed grievous offenses, but incredibly, only McKell was sent home for a dress that Tim told her was cute in the workroom but was accessorized badly on the runway. So now this is The Rachel Zoe Project? Since when did designers get sent home over a bad purse. Not like there weren't worse garments to choose from.

Alas, it was the end for poor McKell who should have known she'd be alone on the chopping block since, despite their threats, they always start with sixteen so the weeks work out right on the schedule.

Did the right designer go home? Let me know in the comments below, then come back tomorrow when we'll play a round of Project Runway Designers say the darndest things!

*In case you didn't Google it, Daniel Franco was the very first person eliminated on the very first episode of Project Runway. He returned during Season Two, only to be eliminated in the fourth round.

Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke / Lifetime Television