Project Runway 7: Preview of Episode 3 "The Hi's and Low's of Fashion"
Project Runway 7: Preview of Episode 3 "The Hi's and Low's of Fashion"
After the potato fiasco last week, we're expecting a lot more from tonight's episode of Project Runway.  It's the third installment this season and we've only got 14 designers left.  Well, it's still a long way to go, which is why the remaining contestants will have to experience "The Hi's and Low's of Fashion" first.

First, the lows.   As we've seen in past Project Runway episodes, these designers are only looking out for themselves.  It's going to be difficult once Tim Gunn decides to make them work in pairs.

We're bound to see some workroom drama, bossing around and pointing fingers for "The Hi's and Low's of Fashion" tonight.  Personalities will clash here and there, especially with this varied bunch of contestants.  What's worse, it's the runway results that will suffer.

Could there be a double elimination tonight?  Then again, they're assigned to a single dress.  They better not let their emotions consume them.

Below, you can see the preview for tonight's Project Runway episode - "The Hi's and Low's of Fashion."  Snarky, snarky. 

As for the Hi's, it's probably a reference to the fact that the designers have to get along as they team up.  But if you want to talk about the actual highs of this episode, we'll probably just discuss the identity of the guest judge.

Joining Heidi, Nina and Michael tonight is English fashion designer Matthew Williamson.  It's a relief that the show isn't relying on the celebrity judges for this season, but they're bound to have more of them if they want to promote the series more.

Anyway, the person we won't be seeing on the new episode of Project Runway is Pamela Ptak, who was eliminated on the previous potato-sack episode.  It was Jay who won the last challenge, despite Tim Gunn thinking his design was a better fit for the Ice Capades than the runway.

Things might even get worse tonight with the pairs, as the most unlikely ones are forced to work together.  Don't miss "The Hi's and Low's of Fashion" on Project Runway as it airs at 10pm tonight on Lifetime.

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