Project Runway 5: Meet the Designer - Jerell Scott
On the second episode of Project Runway 5, the tables were turned on the designers as their models were put in charge of selecting the fabric for the challenge. Some of the contestants seemed a little apprehensive, but for designer Jerell Scott, this situation might not have been as nerve-wracking. The 28-year-old is a former model himself, so he has first hand knowledge of how much the ones who sport the fashions know about fashion.

It was, of course, his experience as a model that got him into design, but his rationale for his initial interest wasn’t quite the usual tale of deep creative inspiration one might expect. It was, he’s admitted, more of a question of necessity being the mother of invention. He’s said that during his modeling career, “"I didn't have money to buy nice clothes, so I started reconstructing stuff and eventually got a sewing machine.” But clearly the creative inspiration took hold as he did move on from simply dressing himself to designing clothes for others.

Jerell was born in Houston, TX, but moved to Los Angeles when he was four. It was in L.A. that you most recently could find Jerell’s own line, called Bloke, which has been sold at a local boutique there.His 2007 collection for Bloke was called “Deconstruction Redefined” and included men’s and women’s wear.

He’s said that his look is “has raw opulent flair,” and that, “I'm not just a jeans and T-shirt designer." His “sexy” and “fierce” clothes have been sported by Randy Jackson, Timbaland, and, most opulently, Saudi royalty. He says he wants to “supply people with clothes to express who they are.”

He’s not just bringing the fashion flair to the show, though. While he’s gotten a few quips in during the first three episodes, he’s been a little off the editing radar.  It’s possible that might change during later episodes, as one of the executive producers for Project Runway noted, “He comes up with some real zingers.” Jerell himself has said, “"I'll probably be the most memorable character on the show.”

While his first three outfits haven’t landed in either the top of the bottom, we’ll have to see if it’s his fashion or his personality that bring him to the forefront in future episodes of Project Runway 5.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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