Prison Break: Is Season 4 The Last One?
Prison Break: Is Season 4 The Last One?
We’re just a few short weeks away from the return of Prison Break, which hits FOX on Labor Day with a special 2 hour season premiere. Spoilers, leaked scripts, and revelations from the show’s stars have been pouring in on what seems like a daily basis. This week, E!’s Kristen Vietch visited the set of Prison Break and was thrilled to find her two favorite characters, Michael and Sara, sharing a smooch in a warehouse. As if that didn’t excite her enough, she sat down with the stars and got some feedback on everything from the return of Sarah Wayne Callies to the possibility of this being Prison Break’s last season.

Of course, the first question always asked when a reporter gets Wentworth Miller alone is what it’s like to have Sarah Wayne Callies back on set. He didn’t waste any time dishing out the praise. “Sarah’s great, I’ve always loved working with her. She adds something very special and unique to the show and it also casts a certain light on my character,” he said. The next question on every fan’s mind is: Where the heck has Sarah been?! “I can’t say much,” Callies admitted. “I’ll put it this way. Sara has been at the hands of one our long lists of very, very bad people.”

According to Miller, season 4 of Prison Break will feel a bit like Ocean’s 11 “but it’s still life of death,” he said. “I like the fact that we all have this common goal,” Robert Knepper said. “We’re all going after The Company and a lot of us can’t stand each other.” William Fichtner revealed that what happens to his character, Mahone, in the first episode, will dictate the rest of the season for him.

Perhaps the worst topic to be brought up, for fans, is the idea that season 4 will be Prison Break’s last. Before Miller says goodbye to Michael Scofield, he needs to make sure that there’s closure. “I would like to figure out a way to have my character redeem himself, to be worth of the title ‘hero’, to be worthy of Sara’s love,” he said. As for how he would feel if, in fact, this was the end for Prison Break, Miller seems to be at peace with it, saying, “As much as I’ve enjoyed working on the show, I’m also ready to go at any time.”

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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