'Primeval' Star Andrew Lee Potts Gets Hatter with SyFy's 'Alice'
'Primeval' Star Andrew Lee Potts Gets Hatter with SyFy's 'Alice'
Little has been heard from Andrew Lee Potts since he appeared on the series Primeval.  Playing the character Connor Temple paved the way for another role, as the Mad Hatter in Alice, SyFy's modern retelling of Lewis Carroll's classic novel.

The miniseries just kicked off with newcomer Caterina Scorsone in the titular role.  Kathy Bates and Tim Curry have also signed on for the project.  Being amidst veteran actors didn't daunt Andrew Lee Potts one bit though, because he was obviously excited to get the part.

On an interview with Show Patrol, the actor revealed what's in store for his character, Hatter, in the four-hour show.  Instead of the original tea-party host, this version actually has him play the part of a resistance movement in this modern Wonderland.

"He's very different to the original Lewis Carroll version, really," Potts revealed.  "He's got so many emotions flying around him with what we've done with him.  He still wears a hat though."

Andrew Lee Potts went on: "He's a freedom fighter, a resistance fighter-type thing.  And he plays everybody off everyone else.  He's very intelligent.  He's not very mad at all."

Getting that role on Alice also required the actor to learn some hat tricks.  "I had hat trick lessons, which was quite fun.  I think there's some tricks in the film that I learned, but some of the stuff didn't make it.  They had to make the cuts, because I'm just showing off with the hat, really."

As for Alice herself, Potts admits that his character was obviously affected by her presence.  "[H]e kind of starts to fall in love with the life or the beliefs that she has.  He really starts to really respect them, and it makes him question his own journey even more," the actor explained.  "[T]he amount of people she emotionally touches is lovely.  And she makes them want to stand up and be counted, really."

Try to catch Andrew Lee Potts in Alice on the SyFy channel.

Source: SyFy, Show Patrol
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