Troian Bellisario Once Tried to Get Killed off on 'Pretty Little Liars'
Troian Bellisario Once Tried to Get Killed off on 'Pretty Little Liars'
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Spencer Hasting may be one of the most beloved and significant figures in Rosewood but, if cast member Troian Bellisario had way, her Pretty Little Liars character would have been killed off years ago. According to the 31-year-old actress, she wanted Spencer to bite the dust at the hands of "A."

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"I definitely tried [to get killed off]," Bellisario told W. "A) You want a death scene, and B) On our show, your character becomes infinitely more interesting when you die. I honestly felt that for this world to be truly dangerous, one of the Liars would have to die. Otherwise, 'A' is just always putting them in danger and still saving them." 

If Spencer got killed off a long time ago, her character would have still made frequent appearances on Pretty Little Liars through flashbacks or dream sequences -- just like how the show brings back other dead characters. However, it's clear that Spencer's death would have significantly changed the direction of the series.

Fortunately, producers decided to keep Spencer around until the final season, when Bellisario will also be making her directorial debut.

"When I got to actually direct, I couldn't believe it had taken me so long," she said of the episode set to air on May 23. "And everyone was so supportive; everywhere I went there were high-fives." 

Are you glad Spencer didn't get killed off? Do you think her death would have been a shocking and interesting twist? How do you think would the show be like without Spencer?

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