'Pretty Little Liars' Star Tyler Blackburn Joins Spin-Off 'Ravenswood'
'Pretty Little Liars' Star Tyler Blackburn Joins Spin-Off 'Ravenswood'
Uh oh, is there trouble ahead for Caleb and Hanna? 

ABC Family announced Tyler Blackburn has joined the cast of Pretty Little Liars spin-off, Ravenswood

The press release states: Blackburn's character, Caleb Rivers, will travel to Ravenswood during the annual Pretty Little Liars special Halloween episode. The Ravenswood series will premiere immediately after. Blackburn will still be seen in the upcoming summer season of Pretty Little Liars.

In March it was announced that Pretty Little Liars was renewed for season 5 but also the show would be getting a spin-off. Ravenswood centers around a town close to Rosewood with the same name. The town has suffered from a deadly curse for generations. In order to free the town, five strangers are brought together and must work together before it's too late.

TVLine reported earlier the three Ravenswood characters that will appear on the PLL Halloween special. There's 17 year old Miranda who is an independent foster kid who is confident but guarded. Abel, also 17, who is a bit of a loner and mysterious. And Olivia, Abel's twin sister, who goes from popular (former) prom queen to a lost teen unsure who to trust. 

Pretty Little Liars has begun filming season 4 and we already know there will be a flashback coming as the show's stars took to social media to share photos from the set

When we last saw Caleb he was dealing with some uncle/daddy drama thanks to Hanna's meddling. Meanwhile Hanna's been preoccupied trying to get rid of a cop car that just won't sink. Will Hanna's 'A' secrets prove to be too much on their relationship? What kind of drama is ahead? We'll have to wait and see but at least he's not going anywhere too soon. 

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