'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Tween Peaks
'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Tween Peaks
We're now only a scant week away from learning the identity of the Rosewood girls' tormentor. That mystery isn't even the center focus heading into tonight's episode, though, since last week Jason's house exploded with Jenna inside. Hopefully before having our minds blown by the A revelation, we can go in with a clear understanding of who started the fire and who was their intended target. And just what becomes of Jason now? The poor guy is left with a pile of rubble.

Hey, What If Allison Is Still Alive?

So forget all that stuff I just said about how we should be more focused on the fire. The second Allison was seen rifling around in Spencer's living room (where Spencer sleeps on the couch?) all that triviality of Jenna almost exploding flew right out the window. The cynic in me instantly suspects that this sequence is just a dream and a byproduct of Spencer's detail obsession.

The sun rises and lights up the room, but there's still a distinct chill in the air from a door left open throughout the night. Spencer and viewers now have a seed of doubt that perhaps Allison has been alive this entire time.

Hey, Jenna Is Still Blind

After spending time on all the ancillary storylines like Aria and Ezra's "relationship" and A's little side project annoying Mona, we're back to business. First, we learn that Jenna's eye surgery didn't work. The reveal scene as she peels off her bandage and recognizes that she is back at square one was emotionally effective. She half-heartedly thanks Hanna for saving her again and offers an ominous reassurance that she's never been the person the girls should fear.

All This Little Kid Is Missing Is Handfuls Of Creamed Corn

Spencer figures out more of the riddle Allison left within the collection of newspaper clippings. It appears that Allison was in contact and arranging meetings with A through the classified section. How quaint. The last meeting took place at that creepy dollhouse in Brookhaven we saw a couple weeks ago, so the girls go back to investigate. They see the strange lady that owns the place walking in and are allowed to come in and ask their questions.

The shop's resident creepy kid is chomping at the bit to tell the girls what he knows. He says that a man and a woman were stalking Vivienne and threatening her, and the woman was brunette, but not blind. Melissa's name comes under more scrutiny amongst the girls, but could this be a diversionary tactic to throw us viewers off the scent?

Follow Me, End Up Like Me

Hanna sets up a sting operation to have Mona make out with Caleb in a part of town where she just happens to know Melissa will be picking up a package. It works to perfection as Melissa sees the supposed cheating, and within minutes Hanna has a new text about it from A. This is the smoking gun that Hanna was looking for to finally pin A's identity on Melissa, but Spencer and Emily still want more proof in the form of talking to the creepy doll shop kid again.

They go to the shop, which is unlocked, and find more voodoo dolls before the power goes out. A doll repeats the phrase, "Follow me, end up like me," relentlessly from behind a closet door where someone has staged a macabre scene of a bloody doll version of Allison coming from the ground.

Ezra and Aria fondle each other while a cover version of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" plays and saves the producers thousands of dollars. Garrett goes to visit Melissa when the police show up to arrest him for murdering Allison. The next scene is truly one that could wind up vaulting this show from beloved piece of teen pulp to potentially a part of the national television dialogue.

Jenna wipes off her lipstick in a mirror as a fly lands in her line of sight. With laser-like precision (like that of what we saw A have at the gun range) she smacks the fly with a rolled up newspaper. In one fell swoop we learn that Jenna can see, Garrett is being framed by the autopsy paper Jenna had to enrage Melissa and the doll shop owner is in cahoots with A. Next week could really be something special.

Casey Casteel
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